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Soja changes

  • Madrid - Changes - Modwheelmood
    "look at me i'm turning into tragedy can't believe it's happening i'm not alive but i'm breathing every day i'm in a cage every thing is going through the changes the changes promises the reason"
  • Love Changes - Jamie Foxx
    "'''Jamie Foxx''' You stayed awake half the night Love is Put you through changes Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why It must be love that's on your mind You doin' things, you wouldn't before. And you"
  • Life Changes - The Cross
    "Yeah Here come the sharpshooters And teenage looters today Gotta pistol in their pocket Gonna blow all your dreams away They rip through your life Like a hurricane blowing Time is the healer alone And"
  • Fast Changes - Seal
    "Maybe if I search my mind a little, I'd come across the reason why you're gone. Maybe if I searched a little while. And if I try to reconcile a little, Then maybe I will know for how long. This time... Well"
  • Everything Changes - Take That
    "Girl, come on over here Let me hold you for a little while And remember I'll always love you Forever Everything changes but you We've said goodbye, the taxi cab is waiting Now don't you cry, just one"
  • Facing Changes - Hangnail
    "It happened with out warning, it came so fast. Unanswered questions hanging, over my head. Facing changes, on my own, never helping, Im falling back in the hole. Facing changes, not my own, unexpecting,"
  • Everything Changes - Little Big Town
    "I saw you before you saw me Yeah, it really took me back Can't believe how long it's been Took you awhile to recognize me Oh, imagine that When we were so close back then No, nothing stays the same Love,"
  • Changes (Live) - Yes
    "I'm moving through some changes I'll never be the same Something you did touched me There's no one else to blame The love we had has fallen The love we used to share We've given up pretending As if you"
  • Everything Changes - Matthew Sweet
    "It's a matter of choices And a matter of time For you it's a matter of drive You will let nothing Get in your way You set to conquer Each single day (everything) Everything Changes (changes) But change"
  • The Changes - Bruce Hornsby
    "The scene is set, everybody's in place - Two chairs filled for every five gone to waste. The pantsuit girl gave me a nasty gaze, Said, "Play that on your own time." I walk to the bandstand, blowin' my"

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