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Straight otta compton

  • Straight Up - Halifax
    "Lost in a dream Don't know which way to go If you are all that you seem Then baby I'm moving way too slow I've been a fool before Wouldn't like to get my love caught In the slammin' door How about some"
  • Straight Fuckin' - Tyrese
    "yeah.. ohh ohh yea.. oh yea.. ohh I just wanna talk to ya for a minute baby Listen baby You say you wanna go clubbin with your friends and I should roll out with my niggers Tonight I'm feeling something"
  • Straight (live) - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Agents Of Good Roots Straight Around Straight (live) The moon was drifting over jordan As the street lies under control And the she slips into the middle Head on, the tour takes it's toll You bring bring"
  • Thinking Straight - Youth Of Today
    "Life's filled with many paths which one should I take ? When the choice comes, I won't run I'll be thinking straight ! Life's filled with conflicts... we'll face we'll overcom them... thinking straight"
  • Straight Up - Sean Paul
    "Yo, yo...some bwoy don't know Yo, yo....some bwoy don't know...when She ready for......Ready for the stormin' there's no calmin' Or put in pon her....never you wait too late cause you will lose her She"
  • Straight Hate - bloodsimple
    "(Sometimes I wish I could just sew up my eyes so I don't have to witness and realize the monster that has become of me) There's something wrong with a fatal attraction For every action there's an opposite"
  • Straight Ahead - Jimi Hendrix
    "Hello, my friend So happy to see you again I was so alone All by myself I just couldn't make it Have you heard, baby What the winds blowing round Have you heard, baby A whole lot of peoples coming right"
  • Straight Up - Thea Gilmore
    "Lost in a dream I don't know which way to go You are all that you sing Baby, I'm moving away to sorrow And I've been fooled before Wouldn't like to get my love caught in the slammin' door How about some"
  • Straight ahead - Ignite
    "You call us hypocrites Youre wrong Ben trying to put us down For too long Im tir of your negative ways Muscle head Well fall on better days Straight ahead Dont you mind the fool Who tries and tries He"
  • Straight Edge - Minor Threat
    "I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and fuck my head Hang out with the living dead Snort white shit up my nose Pass out at the shows I don't even think about speed That's"

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