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Supertramp - Babaji

  • Times Have Changed - Supertramp
    "Captain I am sorry that this ship should go a stray Letting the ocean have it's own way Lay me down to pass ?to send?, I'll pay for all my sins Pleading for mercy, my cancel begins Times have changed,"
  • Friend In Need - Supertramp
    "Hey buddy, wanna talk to you I got a friend in need, a friend indeed I hear you got a few friends too Living up the stairs, sell their wears And they don't care, 'cause they don't know that Oooh he's very"
  • Aries - Supertramp
    "(Right, let's get the whole thing cooking) I try to run in a different race But every time I seem to loose face Making it hard it's easy But I got to keep trying to lessen my pace I try to walk down"
  • It's A Long Road - Supertramp
    "Well the road I see before me threatens pain in every ?bend? yeah Who'd might meet someone I understand and hope to call him friend Well good company, it may comfort me But I don't want love to distract"
  • Aubade And I Am Not Like Other Birds Of Prey - Supertramp
    "Morning at last, every night is a fight 'till your waking Dreams dancing fast, through the silence of sleep dawn is breaking I wait, and watch them 'till they And I am not like other birds of prey And"
  • Words Unspoken - Supertramp
    "Why sing a lonely song The whole world knows that love goes wrong Why browse a heart that isn't broken It isn't broken, it can be broken Life's just a show for free Come along and watch with me The only"
  • Maybe I'm A Beggar - Supertramp
    "I ain't got too much money, I ain't got too much sense Long ago I had a dream but that's no ?reconvenes? My father was a blind man, my brother was a fool My mother told me God is love But hatred makes"
  • Home Again - Supertramp
    "When is the time when a dream has gone wrong when you're with me When is the time when a blame went to you please forgive me But the truth is my friend that the world isn't quite as I thought it to be Oh"
  • Nothing To Show - Supertramp
    "Nothing to show beyond the ?feuded head? Body so warm within his perfume-bed Sleeping alone the shadow of a man ????? ties into an empty can Nothing to show for love has never been Nothing to show for"
  • Shadow Song - Supertramp
    "Did your shadow ever speak to you? And did he say that something's wrong? Huddle figure on a lamp-let wall Never realized he cared at all Did he stop you going on? Guess my shadow spoke to me to night And"

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