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TLC Waterfalls

  • All That - TLC
    "Fresh out the box Stop, look, and watch Ready yet, get set It's All That Chorus Oh, oh, oh this is All That This is All That Check it, check it, check it Now this is just an introduction before we blow"
  • Cradle Rock - TLC
    "Method man & left eye (appears on method man's album "tical 2:judgement day") All the children comin' into the light.... There will be.... Chorus: Rock-a-bye baby From the rooftop When the guns blow Your"
  • Nobody Do It Better Than Us - TLC
    "Lil' kim featuring t-boz (appears on the promo for "notorious k.i.m." by lil' kim) Yea This is it this is the one That's what I'm talkin' about right here Yo puff I don't think they ready for this one They"
  • Baby-Baby-Baby - TLC
    "And you want my love Well that's alright Well it will be there for you morning, noon and night But you gotta be good And do it right Ain't got no time for part-time lovin' in my life Well you wanna be"
  • Not Tonight - TLC
    "Lil' kim, left eye, missy elliot, da brat, & angie martinez (appears on the unedited version of the nothing to lose soundtrack) Uhh, yeah Uhh, here's another one, and another one Yeah From lil' kim, the"
  • Get It Up - TLC
    "Hey ha ha There it goes Yeah Cuz we's about to flow There it is For the fellas There it is That's it That's right There it is For the fellas Comin back on the sexy tip Ya know what I'm saying But no more"
  • I Feel As If I Need Love - TLC
    "(telephone riging) Chours I feel as if I need love, I need it right away, I feel as if i need love so please don't take all day. (repet) vese 1 I need someone to care and always be there I need someone"
  • Depend On Myself - TLC
    "Guys they always wonder about me (yeah, I hear ya "T") Cause everything I have is my own (I'm feelin' dis) There's no other way you can doubt me (and I'm listenin') Before I trust you I'll just be here"
  • Case Of The Fake People - TLC
    "I thought that I knew about 'em Thought that they would never do me wrong Well well they smile in your face When all the time they wanna take your place Them backstabbers Same old scene that you've seen"
  • Crazysexycool - Interlude - TLC
    "Yo, ha-ha I wanna talk to the fellas for a minute I want y'all to know The flyest kinda ho To get wit' In '94, or period She's CrazySexyCool I'ma let y'all know what that be Ha, she's kinda like me Wouldn't"

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