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The Beatles shi Loves you

  • Jesus Loves You - Jewel
    "They say that Jesus loves you What about me? They say that money breaks you I still wanna see They say you're only half alive Till you give extra whitening a try Well i wanna seee, I wanna see What can"
  • Nobody Loves You - Garbage
    "Watching the days slip by so fast Knowing our fate has long been cast Working our fingers to the bone Cause nobody loves you when you're gone, gone, gone, gone Coughing up feeling just for you To find"
  • Somebody Loves You - Malcolm Middleton
    "Come here Before I go away again There's something I'd like you to hear Somebody loves you And I know who it is A million dollar answer If you're up for the quiz Close your eyes Spin around you're"
  • Everybody Loves You - Sasha
    "Music: Michael B. & di Lorenzo Lyrics: Michael B., di Lorenzo & Pete Smith Verse 1 You're part of some heaven, but you're feeling like hell. an interesting ideal for someone to sell. You're high on your"
  • Somebody Loves You - Nik Kershaw
    "I took an hundred and ten pictures of you Put them all around me and wondered what to do Like a temple in memory, a shrine in your name To days I don't remember, to nights I can't reclaim I took a part"
  • Jesus Loves You - Acumen Nation
    "tell me why! anyone pushing jesus incessantly is usually the one most in need of salvation! is it just me, or does it seem that those with the dirtiest sins are preaching the mooossst!? WORSHIP! AND PRAY!"
  • Terrence Loves You - Lana Del Rey
    "You are what you are I don't matter to anyone But Hollywood legends will never grow old And all of what's hidden Well, it will never grow cold But I lost myself when I lost you But I still got jazz when"
  • You need loves - Barclay James Harvest
    "Everybody's Got to Have a Secret LoveEveryone's Got to Be FreeFree to Believe That Love Lasts ForeverEverybody's Got to Have a Shoulder to Cry OnEveryone's Born With the NeedThe Need to Be Loved in a Moment"
  • So How Come (No One Loves Me) - Beatles
    "(Bryant) They say that everyone wants someone So how come no one wants me And they say that eveyone needs someone So how come no one needs me Well if you wonder who the loneliest creatures in the world"
  • London Loves - Blur
    "A malady has taken him over Coughing tar in his japanese motor The lights are magic And he feels lucky And he's got money Shoots like an arrow - oh LONDON LOVES THE MYSTERY OF A SPEEDING CAR LONDON LOVES THE"

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