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Toto Cutugno Tol'ko my

  • It Looks Like Rain - Toto
    "I stand at the window Looking out, looking out at the grey After getting up and reading the paper today Sometimes I just want to crawl back in bed Pull the covers over my eyes This world is so full of"
  • Strangers in town - Toto
    "I remember it was late one night in the middle of a dream woke up in a pool of sweat thought I heard a scream Ran over to the window sill stuck my head out for a peek Dressed in black was a man I didn't"
  • Hight price of hate - Toto
    "Got the eyes of a vulture As you gaze from your meaningless throne And the pain that you've been selling I'd rather die before I'd own I'll call you a doctor Or find you a priest 'Cause no one can save"
  • Stop Loving You - Toto
    "Reflections in my mind Thought I can't define My heart is racing and the night goes on I can almost hear a laugh Coming from your photograph Funny how a look can share a thousand meanings Well intented"
  • Isolation - Toto
    "I'm stranded here in a dream and there's no ticket back I feel a cold wind blowin', my future looks black You left me here and you've taken all my yesterdays I guess to stand alone is the price that I"
  • She Knows The Devil - Toto
    "She got fingernails like knives She got twenty-four karat eyes She wants everything she sees She'll drop you to your knees She ain't gonna change her wicked ways I'll love her till my dying day She got"
  • How Many Times - Toto
    "How many years Keep on slipping away And it seems that your life doesn't matter You never had a chance How many ways is a love torn apart And you look to your heart For some answers Don't let it slip"
  • Kick Down The Walls - Toto
    "Took the long way to the shortcut And the walls were made of stone Took the low road to the highground Had to feel it in my bones Everybody wants some heaven But nobody wants to die It's been brought to"
  • Animal [#] - Toto
    "I never felt like this with someone, I never knew I could feel this way at all Predestination by appointment, Storybook realities are coming true I was scared, you looked so helpless, Lust was dressed"
  • I'll Be Over You - Toto
    "Some people live their dreams Some people close their eyes Some people's destiny Passes by There are no guarantees There are no alibis That's how our love must be Don't ask why It takes some time God"

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