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Usher - Can't Let U Go

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Usher - Can't Let U Go
  • Rainbow Can't Let You Go
    "Day after day I keep waking up To find that you're slipping away Night after night I can't fight the emptiness inside Nothing I can say Now I know you're turning me away You're wearing a disguise You don't"
  • VINCE GILL I Can't Let Go
    "I can't find a way to keep pretending I'm doing all right on my own And I can't find the strength to keep believin' That you'll ever come back home But I'm tryin' to put this behind me I've been cryin'"
  • Sloan I Can't Let Go
    "(Taylor & Gorgoni/The Hollies - Would You Believe, 1966) Oh, I try and I try but I cant say goodbye Feel so bad, baby Oh, it hurts me When I think of how you love and desert me I'm the broken-hearted"
  • The Goo Goo Dolls Can't Let It Go
    "You said you'd light a candle And you'd say a prayer for me I feel the light has dimmed and gone Half the world is begging While the other half steals Where did everything go wrong? Some days I can't"
  • Air Supply I Can't Let Go
    "I have the ring that needs your finger I want you always to remember I want you to be a part of my dreams I was so lonely here without you I was so cold just like a statue Being with you has made me complete I"
  • One Direction Can't Let Her Go
    "She's so mean but I gotta love it, And I just can't let her go I'm so whipped on her tiny little She's a sexy animal Spends too much And I never tell her no Drives me nuts And she got me by the throat She's"
  • Goo Goo Dolls Can't let it go
    "You said you'd light a candleAnd you'd say a prayer for meI feel the light has dimmed and goneHalf the world is beggingWhile the other half stealsWhy is everything so wrong?Some days I can't believeOthers"
  • Dickies I Can't Let Go
    "well i tried and i try but i can't say goodbye feel so bad baby though it hurts me when think of how you love and desert me i'm the broken hearted toy you play with baby you got me going i need you baby i"
  • Modern Talking Can't Let You Go
    "You don't need nobody When your're down and so alone And there's no telephone No one calls you at home, my baby Oh tell me that you need me And I'm sailing back to you And I'm staying, yes it's true For"
  • Jesse McCartney Can't Let You Go
    "Yeah... My heart was jumpin' for her My head was spinnin' in circles My tongue was tied I tried, but couldn't find the words She had them eyes of fire The ones you can't put out She saw a sucker for lovin' And"

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