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ZGUBI������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������AM PANTOFELEK

  • Am Isenstein - Siegfried
    "Am Isenstein... Im Norden am Isenstein halten Flammen einsam Wacht, Trme aus blankem Eis leuchten in der Nacht. Im Sturm flstern leise Stimmen, was die Gtter dort verwahr'n, Keiner in tausend Jahren soll"
  • I Am - Airlock
    "I don't talk, the way that you talk I don't walk, the way that you walk I don't see, the way that you see I don't feel, the way that you feel I don't think, the way that you think I don't sing, the way"
  • Am Glockenseil - Eisregen
    "Es begann als der Priester starb Als sie ihn begruben spuckten sie in sein Grab Der hohe Vater hatte Selbstmord begangen Und sich selbst ans Glockenseil gehangen Ein toter Priester hat es wirklich schwer Kein"
  • I am - Static-X
    "I've been taking abuse and it's senseless Fist into the wall and it's painless I've been living the lie that i made me Live it Screaming into the mic and i like it Put it all over the air in"
  • I Am - Static X
    "i've been taking abuse and it's senseless fist into the wall and it's painless i've been living the lie that i made me live it screaming into the mic and i like it put it all over the air in"
  • 2 AM - Jeen O'Brien
    "Snow falls on the city White on white It's the color of hope On an unforgiving night You kissed me into ruins Sin on sin Now, I've gotta love your love letters written on my skin I can't tell the stars From"
  • I Am - The Waiting
    "Walking out alone The night fits like a stone inside a boot heel Hot and cold winds blow And no ones here to know the way I feel The corner I once knew brings me in to view again So I could stay out"
  • I am - 3rd Wish
    "Intro: everything youll ever need intro chorus: i am, i am im everything youll ever need so understand if i am your man i can heal your broken heart and make it beat again 1st verse: i really like what"
  • I Am - King Diamond
    "Back...in the tomb, Lucy is sitting on the floor I...am, I am standind by the door The door to freedom...the door that I shut so close And as I take another look at my mind I seem to think the sun has"
  • 2 Am - Iron Maiden
    "I get in from work at 2a.m. And sit down with a beer Turn on the late night t.v. And then wonder why I'm here It's meaningless and trivial And it washes over me And once again I wonder Is this all there"

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