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  • Hip-hop hooray - Naughty By Nature
    "(Vinnie) You drew a picture of my morning But you couldn't make my day, Hey! I'm rockin' and you're yawning But you never look my way, Hey! I'm lickin down you darlin' In every single way, Hey! Your funny"
  • Odzyskamy hip hop - O.S.T.R.
    "Rozmień mi banknot na dwie pięćdziesiątki Chodź obrobimy bank bo mam kody dozorcy Schody do wąskich korytarzy rozpisz Uwolnimy hip hop pozawijany w rolki W imię historii naszych przodków Obywatelskich"
  • Hip Hop Iz - Equipto
    "(Equipto) Check, Check, Check Check it out, hip hop iz, all about biz They tell you, but know that its all for the kids Or deep down, it's all for the folks you miss So you thinkin about it next time you"
  • Hip Hop Rules - Vanilla Ice
    "Chorus: hip hop rules and if ya didn't know hip hop rules kick the ill flow hip hop rules I'm breakin all the news hip hop rules from the old to the new school big black skinny nigga 6'4" with the .44 got"
  • Hip Hop Soldier - Sir Mixalot
    "I'm a hip hop soldier ... I'm a hip hop soldier All you wannabe gangstas, drivin' Volkswagens Chillin' at the high schools, broke but braggin' Under educated, your style is dated You talk behind my back"
  • Hip Hop Ride - Da Youngsta's
    "(Qur'an) As I flip it again, I'm on the loose Watch me, nah man, hold up, no... As I flip it again, we're on the loose Watch us set the trend for the 9 double deuce Check it, to the boogie the up jumps"
  • Hip Hop Doll - Digital Underground
    "Pump pump, de pump, pump it up y'all, we're talkin bout a hip hop doll Babe when you feel me, ooh, how you thrill me You are my hip hop doll Yes, baby, would you go with me once and for all And then when"
  • Hip-Hop Philosophy - Esoteric
    "{*scratched: "I'm rockin the hip-hop philosophy"*} (Tha Trademarc) From elemental, existential competitive philosophical Detrimental to meddle or diddle between belief and bein not commital The difference"
  • Hip hop reggae - Bomfunk MC's
    "You listenWith the maximum selectaBom we rockasWhen we comeNo Coke 2000Hip hop reggae in a dance hall styleHip hop reggae in a dance hall styleHip hop reggae in a dance hall style Hip hop reggae in a dance"
  • Hip hop (deutsche) - Dead Prez
    "Gefakte Platten... Uh, uh, uh, 1-2, 1-2 Uh, uh, 1-2, uh, 1-2 All meine Jungs.. CHORUS: Es ist mehr als hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip, Es ist mehr als hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop Eine Sache ber"

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