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Zabson bublle gum

  • Who is he - Bill Withers
    "A man we passed just tried to stare me down And when I looked at you You looked at the ground I dont know who he is but I think that you do Dad-gum-it! Who is he and what is he to you? Something in my"
  • Radio Number 1 - Air
    "If you need some fun some good stereo gum radio #1 Brand new ears at once eject musical trash radio #1 Radio #1 Radio #1 We love / Melancholy snipers We'll become / Flower gun users We request / Funeral"
  • Incarnated Solvent Abuse - Arch Enemy
    "Intenacious, intersecting Reaving fats from corporal griskin Culled...for sodden gelatine brayed Skeletal groats triturated, desinently Exsiccated, sere glutenate brewed For frivolous solvent abuse... Derogate"
  • Shove It Right In - Frank Zappa
    "Mark Volman (vocals) Howard Kaylan (vocals) Ian Underwood (keyboards, woodwinds) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) George Duke (keyboards, trombone) Martin Lickert (bass) Ruth Underwood (orchestra drum set) Jim Pons"
  • Roxy Roller - Bryan Adams
    "Moxy from the Roxy might turn some heads tonight Flashlight dream, peaches and cream delight Roxy Roller Fab up job she's got bubble gum on her knees Down between the seats sometimes she'll toss you her"
  • Not a Pop Song - Little Mix
    "They look for picture perfect Don’t look deeper than the Surface Buble-gum always pops And stars they fade out life never stops I don’tdo what Simo says Get the message cuz it’s reas That’s just life"
  • Faron Young - Prefab Sprout
    "Antiques ! Every other sentiments an antique As obsolete as warships in the baltic I'm driving on a straight road it never alters And the radio serenades but doesn't falter You offer infrared instead of"
  • Uczucia - Kombajn Do Zbierania Kur Po Wioskach
    "Piątek... Sobota... Niedziela.... W domku 3x5 Na klatce pachnącej wojną... Marzeniem muzycznych dzieci jest NIE MIEĆ ZĘBÓW PRZEZ WAKACJE Ulice i tłum Z nami cieplejszy! Bezdomni są... Towarzyscy tacy jak"
  • Rosemary Rose - The Kinks
    "Rosemary Rose, Nature sure gave you such a beautiful nose. 'Though you're not beautiful as someone would know, That Rosemary Rose, Has eyes of blue, And someone is treasuring a picture of you, Taken"
  • Flabbergabble - Greg Brown
    "Flabbergabble kookamunga ba goo-gooFiddlefaddle swishamunga bumble gum tooIf you don't do what I want you toI'm gonna skibblejibble gabbaflabbawungamunga you.I have a big appetiteI'm gonna eat a whole"

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