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akon superman

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akon superman
  • Auburn Superman Song
    "Yea Ok, homie Auburn And JR Oh, he think he Superman Oh, he think he Superman Now, he think he Spiderman Now, he think he Spiderman Now, you think you Batman Now, you think you Batman You need to get"
  • Pillar Original Superman
    "He heals the sick He saves the lost and died for you in case you've forgot, man He'll jump a building in a single bound I once was lost but now I'm found He needs no mask or cape or gown all He needs is"
  • B*Witched My Superman
    "Verse 1: Some people say to me They say I don't have a clue I'm gonna make them see There's something special 'bout you Bridge: When you've got your arms around me (oh when you've got your arms around"
  • Bon Jovi Superman Tonight
    "There's something about you I wanna rescue I don't even know you so what does that mean Maybe I'm cynical, painfully logical You're tragic and beautiful And that's good enough for me You're looking for"
  • Anderson Laurie O Superman
    "Anderson Laurie Big Science O Superman O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad. O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad. Hi. I'm not home right now. But if you want to leave a message,"
  • Lyfe Jennings Ghetto Superman
    "verse 1 We grow up in the gutter eatin peanut butter sandwhich's with no jam we looked up to the hustler's on the corner throat sore from screaming get yo money mane had dreams of moving on up to the"
  • Above The Law Black Superman
    "'You heard about what's goin on in there?' 'Heard a lotta bullshit cocked, I know that much' 'This isn't bullshit my friend' 'Do you know somethin?' 'Don't listen' 'What'd you know?' 'Maybe I do and maybe"
  • Stone Temple Pilots Silvergun Superman
    "find you in the dark read you like a cheap surprise without shame sell me out, and frame your name I can hear when the pig whispers sweetly jealousy is the weapon you kill me keep a dime for a truth you"
  • Big Head Todd And The Monsters Resignation Superman
    "He'll come flying out of this town A resignation superman And today the bad guys win 'Cause he turned his cape in Now, he says Yes, I'll turn my back on this world Yes, I'll turn my eyes from this world Oh"
  • Eric Clapton Superman Inside
    "(Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall II & Susannah Melvoin) Living, loving, ain't going to waste my life. Singing music, someday the sun don't shine. I don't want to be the one, The one that can never say, "I"

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