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  • Still In Love  - 112
    "Oh listen to me girl, As I take the time, To tell you how I feel, yeah yeah. In spite of what you feel, You really need to know, my love for you is real. For everything you've done, to hurt me in the"
  • Be With You - 112
    "I used to hang out every night Used to go from club to club Looking for true love But now I found that love in you No longer have to sleep around Cuz I have you, baby [1] - Girl, I'm always thinking about"
  • Anywhere (Interlude) - 112
    "(We can make love in my bedroom) We can make love in the bedroom (Whoa) On the floor, top of my water bed Let me run my fingers (We could do it baby) Through your hair (Oh baby in the shower) And both"
  • We Goin' Be Alright  - 112
    "I would walk, I would walk, I would walk A thousand miles, if I knew that you Would be waiting on the other side I would climb, I would climb, I would climb The highest mountain, If you would fulfil the"
  • Love You Like I Did  - 112
    "Tell me whos gonna look at you And love you for the person you are Tell me whos gonna understand That sometimes you can take things too far Tell me whos gonna be there when Times are good and when they"
  • Your Letter - 112
    "I saw a letter lying on the floor I couldn't help but look inside Thought it was something that you must've left Left there for me to find All your words were on that page All my dreams came true that"
  • Pleasure And Pain - 112
    "You always said you loved me Though my mind's right now not sure You've always been there for me Though my heart never feels secure Why can't you take a further step To let me know you really care Cuz"
  • That's How Close We Are - 112
    "Na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na na Without the root, you ain't got no tree And without the branches, you aint got no leaves To understand her is to understand me Cause thats how close we are Without"
  • Stay With Me - 112
    "I want you right here with me If you really wanna be with me Then come on, just stay with me Cuz I really wanna get to know you Oh, I want you right here with me If you really wanna be with me Then come"
  • Whatcha Gonna Do - 112
    "(feat. MJG) You tell me you're keepin' it real with me You tell me that I'm the only one You say you'll never leave me lonely, girl That was a lie I never wanna see your face again I don't even wanna"

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