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alien alien

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alien alien
  • Alien Intelect All Alone
    "Alien Intelect Miscellaneous All Alone -chorus- love is like a bullet straight throught the heart it goes no one knows how to stop it never goes the way you want it so i understand what i didn't"
  • Alien Intelect Superhero Thing
    "Alien Intelect Miscellaneous Superhero Thing -chorus- It's a superhero thing Never lose they always win It's a superhero thing No matter what jam they're in -verse1- The x-men and all their friends"
  • Alien Ant Farm Orange Appeal(bonus Track)
    "Alien Ant Farm Miscellaneous Orange Appeal(bonus Track) orange appeal(bonus track) Alien Ant Farm (Anthology) Half the rude you brought once has cold We send with friends All the evil actions worked my"
  • Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal (Short Funny Version)
    "Alien Ant Farm Miscellaneous Smooth Criminal (Short Funny Version) as he came into the wondow was a sound of a weener he came into his appartment left the blood stains on the carpet he was sitting at the"
  • Alien Ant Farm Good (for A Women)
    "Leather skin Lately it's what I've been thinking about This alien girl from above We can share our love I got it good for a woman She's something else She's not quite human I got it good for a woman She's"
  • Alien Ant Farm Bug bites (ost. spider-man)
    "ALIEN ANT FARM Miscellaneous Bug bites (ost. spider-man) To much of nothing these days, you often hold me tightly I owe you everything You must be going crazy, Back papers staking nicely and Im still promising Of"
  • Alien Ant Farm Fles hand bone
    "ALIEN ANT FARM Miscellaneous Fles hand bone This moisture slides from my eyes It glistens, it glistens There's nowhere left to go now If you teach me, I'll listen A favorite time for mistakes In salt lakes,"
  • Roger Tylor Fun In Space
    "Strangers in a strange land In an alien heat Journeys made by no man In event of defeat This ship sings to the skies This ship sings to the skies For all you, Gals and guys Stranger than fiction The smile"
  • Zion I feat. Pep Love Warrior's Dance
    "Yo, R.I.P. to my warrior's gone Stokely, George Jackson, Huey ??? If you feelin me, we should be, family Vanity, hold us back mentally, my brother be strong Til the time come, wisdom upon the drum Where"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Execute Them
    ""Execute them" [4x] *Street Life sample played in the background* "Slang bang to wax, torture pack, pump it to max Till your heart collapse, fully auto rap Might lose your eye sight, blood type, a-alike Snake"

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