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  • Been Alone - Off By One
    "I could have been with someone I could have been alone I could have lived without you But would I have lived at all I could have been with someone I could have been alone I could have lived without you But"
  • Night Alone - Mest
    "This wasn't just another night alone My mind has cornered me against the wall Bleeding, scratching fingernails are gone The scars on my wall tell this song I'm feeling like the worst is yet to come Because"
  • Not Alone - Black Train Jack
    "I see it sneaking up without a sound And if I didn't turn around I wouldn't even know it was there The pressure is coming down again From the people who call themselves my friends I can't seem to get them"
  • She's Alone - Wide Mouth Mason
    "Ordinary time I'm the one to blame Holding something back Feeling so ashamed Ordinary laugh This was not the game Now i understand Never be the same You came to me For the truth That you needed to know Ordinary"
  • Man Alone - Finch
    "Woke up this morning without a face I've fooled myself again I've sold myself again Another wasted day counting shades Of gray, another fool's attempt to fall from grace A casual line. A sip of wine to"
  • Together alone - Lacrimosa
    "At the end of truth At the end of light At the end of love At the end - there are you Nothing has survived We saperated silently long ago And with every day of "we" the lie of our love grew And the further"
  • Happy Alone - Kings Of Leon
    "On our way, so it seems, blooming flowers waltz before me Rollin' numbers, passing time, got to get outside the city, In the morning all will see, just how crazy young love can be On our own away again,"
  • For We Are Many - Alone
    "What have you done so far? Have you worked so hard? I'm walkin' on a thin line I can't fail this time I'm sending whole this message to you (I'm sending whole this message to you) Close your eyes Close"
  • Drunk Again - Left Alone
    "Well I'm trying to stay sober but I'm drunk again On and on with the memories of you Well I'm trying and I'm trying but I'm drunk again On and on theirs nothing I can do Well I'm trying and trying but"
  • The Game (feat Snoop Dogg) - Alyssa Reid
    "Everywhere I go When everyone who knows me Knows that I would stand alone It’s all part of the game The game, the game, the game The game, the game, the game When you said I could move on and go You said"

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