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angela borys lbd

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angela borys lbd
  • Belly Angel
    ""Give it to me, please", I said to God It's only fair Instead, he sent three angels To move the river So now it flows by my house So now it goes by my house Angel, angel I'd still rather have the man I've"
  • Noa Angel
    "Angel with a broken wing Never leaves the ground Angel, trying hard to sing But she cant make a decent sound. Angel with a broken wing Feeling so alone Angel, she's tried everything But she cant"
  • Unbelievable Truth Angel
    "You built the windows high. And said it would last forever. You stare all night at the empty sky. To keep his thoughts together. To see the angel once again. She came to him back when, his life was full"
  • Dave Dudley Angel
    "My baby is an angel don't tell me she can't fly Cause when I'm with her I'm way off the ground But hear lately they say angel has been flyin' kind of line And I think some devil brought my angel down I"
  • Rod Stewart Angel
    "(J. Hendrix) Angel came down from heaven yesterday stayed with me long enough to rescue me And she told me a story yesterday about the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea Then she spread"
  • Ana Andrzejewska ANGEL
    "fling blind through day and night desperate to see the light lonely child whit a will to fight and no one to guide dark forces screaming in the dark dark forces try to tear me apart I get away , never"
  • Saga Angel
    "I know everything about you What you like to do Where we're gonna be when we're old You don't know me but I know you And I can't say when we'll meet But I feel we getting close Fall angel fall Hold me"
  • Heather Miller Angel
    "Oh, it's the wind that moves trough the trees Oh, it's the peace I feel on my knees Oh, it's the hand that reaches me Right when I need it, You send me an angel Chorus: You send an angel I'm never alone"
  • Amy Studt Angel
    "Its been 5 months since u went away Left without a word, nothing to say When I was the one who gave you my heart and sole But it wasnt good enough for you no So I asked god God send me an angel from"
  • PIG Angel
    "Where, where is my angel, my angel Marlene? Why, why did we pain you my angel Marlene? Between the devil and the deep blue sea Lies a heart that's twisted in agony Between the carnal pleasure and The"

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