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asaf turn

  • Turn Around - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "it lookes like a long way I speed like from the fast line you don't look around so clear, clear as the target running up in the eyes, with no shoes on. you're like a vampire at sunset like a canibal"
  • Tables Turn - Venke Knutson
    "All the voices she's been hearing All the songs that she has sung - in her head All the hours she's been waiting For someone to come around - just like they said So why does she still make up reasons to"
  • Turn Around - ACIDMAN
    "Mirai he to mata isogu Ashibaya ni tada isogu Shizumu karada wa fukaku Saibou ni mata tsukaru Tessei no sora yurari Tanshoku no sora yurari Yoru no oto ni byou sukoshi Hanayaida ni byou sukoshi Mirai"
  • Turn On - Britny Fox
    "B. Childs, T. Paris You're out-dated Get a reason to kick it down You gotta feel it Crank it up till the killer's out You got the fever Over-loaded on the heat again You're taking either Reachin' up"
  • U-Turn - Usher
    "Yeah, ay yo 2000 it's us Yo, it's time to U-Turn Ya heard me? You're either with us - or against us, yo It's been some years now Since we hit the floor to get down We always had a step to go with the sound Now"
  • Turn Around - Chynna Phillips
    "I was reaching for a higher star Every time I did there you were I was looking for a dream come true I looked up, it's still you I wish we could begin once more I wish I never closed that door I'm wishing"
  • Turn 27 - Niccokick
    "I shiver like a child I see my life pass before my eyes I'm crying blood I shout out loud I'm just a man among the crowd I'll cut my hair, I'll find a job I'll do anything to conceal my scrubs But I can't"
  • My Turn - John Lundvik
    "Breath in and out I see clearer now And I know even though I’m scared this time How could I say no When everything I feel is right? So tell me baby, tell me that I’m ready to fly Cause everything"
  • Turn Away - Noctiferia
    "I turn away I am the project which lives subjectively and before there was nothing else here an object cannot become somebody if it never were something everything that counts is a will for might and all"
  • Turn Away - The Carpenters
    "I guess you what it's all about All the answers seem so clear to you You know just exactly what do you want to do And never allow a feeling of doubt I guess you see where your road can lead And all the"

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