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  • Come To Bed - Gretchen Wilson
    "Sometimes we fight 'Bout who's wrong and right And stay up all night And sometimes we drink And say hurtful things That we don't mean Yeah, we're both screamin' But nobody's listenin' Let's take this"
  • Breakfast In Bed - Dusty Springfield
    "(Eddie Hinton / Donnie Fritts) You've been cryin' Your face is a mess Come in baby You can dry the tears on my dress She's hurt you again I can tell Oh, I know that look so well Don't be shy You've"
  • Bed Of Roses - Kim Carnes
    "BON JOVI LYRICS "Bed Of Roses" Sitting here wasted and wounded at this old piano Trying hard to capture the moment this morning I don't know 'Cause a bottle of vodka is still lodged in my head And"
  • Big Feather Bed - Darius
    "Come rest a while, rest a while Let it all go Don't turn away Come and lay down your head Just talk a while to my sweet talking pillow There's room for you girl in my big feather bed 7am I'm watching"
  • Bed Of Roses - Bon Jovi
    "Sitting here wasted and wounded At this old piano Trying hard to capture The moment this morning I don't know 'Cause a bottle of vodka Is still lodged in my head And some blonde gave me nightmares I think"
  • In My Bed - Dru Hill
    "I got this feeling, and I just can't turn it loose That somebody's been getting next to you I don't want to walk around knowin' I was your fool 'Cuz being the man that I am I just can't lose my cool"
  • Back In Bed - Dada
    "As I hurry down the sidewalk Briefcase in my hands Thoughts of you still fill my mind As the newspapers fill the stands People rushing everywhere I think the world woke up too soon Right now, more than"
  • Bed Of Nails - Joseph Arthur
    "In the past I'm burning in the flame of hope Trouble come and turn me into solid smoke In your bar I drink until I can't stand up Your drowning heart in the bottom of my cup You are hurting but you are"
  • Bed Of Razorz - Children Of Bodom
    "Children Of Bodom Miscellaneous Bed Of Razorz I see the candle light burning in your Eyes,flareing up my eyes in flames On this pitch-black summer night... Of passion and pain (Chorus:) The razor caressed"
  • In My Bed - Amy Winehouse
    "Wish I could say it breaks my heart Like you did in the beginning It's not that we grew apart A nightingale no longer singing It's something I know you can't do Separate sex with emotion I sleep alone,"

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