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beyonce runnun

  • Angel - Beyonce
    "(feat. Kelly Rowland)This is for my fans (uhu uhu)This is for my destiny (uhu uhu)This is for my fans (uhu uhu)This is for my future love (uhu uhu)This is for my best friend (uhu uhu)This is for my future"
  • Ave Maria - Beyonce
    "She was lost in so many different waysOut in the darkness with no guideI know the cost of a losing handNever thought the grace of God go highI found heaven on earthYou were my last, my firstAnd then here"
  • Hey goldmember - Beyonce
    "(Foxxy Cleopatra Feat. Devin & Solange)Solid Gold,Solid Gold,Let's Go,Go,GoLet's Roll, Choo, Choo It's Gold, It's Gold, It's Gold, It's GoldIt's Solid gold baby,It's Gold, It's Gold, It's Gold, It's GoldIt's"
  • Hill and Caela talk - Beyonce
    "Mekhi:Yo, we grew up together, we cut school togetherWhen we have kids, go through terrible two's togetherReagan:And when they turn three we'll be watchin' the news togetherCop found slain that kind of"
  • Hip hop star - Beyonce
    "Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a Q-DawgA-towns up, deuces down its the new callAnd you can dial 1-888-CUT-SOMETHINGIm your kinky operator when you wanna f--- somethingAint no dial tones just milestones,"
  • Satellites - Beyonce
    "SatellitesFlashing by.....It's a beautiful state were inBut, how can we love in isolation?Think how happy we can be when we just tryWe're nothing like we seemPassionate words are never spokenYou don't"
  • Save The Hero - Beyonce
    "I lay alone awake at nightSorrow fills my eyesBut I'm not strong enough to cryDespite of my disguiseI'm left with no shoulderBut everyone wants to lean on me.I guess I'm their soldier.Well, who's gonna"
  • Scared of lonely - Beyonce
    "I'm in this fight, and I'm swingingAnd my arms are getting tiredI'm trying to beat this emptiness but I'm running out of timeI'm sinking in the sand , And I can't barely standAnd I'm lost in this dream"
  • Sexuality - Beyonce
    "Look what you've done to me I'm losing my mind You've got the best of me And it feels so right You've got a way you work me It's workin me I I can't help my emotions when you're dancin close to me "
  • Sexy Lil' no shawty thug - Beyonce
    "Go Shorty!Its BeyoncWe gon party like its ya birthdayWe gettin naughty like its ya birthdaySo put ya drink up in the air if u feel sexxyIm da chick wit da hot ishManolo blahnikJimmy choo kicks Killin itWho"

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