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big punisher

  • Big Money Heavyweight - Big Tymers
    "yeah, big tymers, this what its hitting for nigga this stunna and fresh, believe that bitch, straight off the block nigga this where it gets gangsta bitch BIG MONEY HEAVYWEIGHT where the cuts"
  • The Big Picture - Big L
    "One-two, y'all know, y'all know (foxxx) alright, we gon' keep it movin (primo) check this out though! (foxxx) we gon' keep it movin, we gon' keep it movin Get 'em up, y'all know what time it is, get 'em"
  • The Big Payback - Big Black
    "(James Brown cover) Hit it! Hit it! Ha! I'm mad Revenge I'll cut your throat I'll make amends Ha! Ha! I'm mad That's a fact Get ready, dog For the big payback I'm mad Revenge I'll cut your throat I'll"
  • Big Black Car - Big Star
    "Driving in my big black car Nothing can go wrong I'm going and i don't know how far So, so long. Maybe i'll sleep in a holiday inn Nothing can hurt me Nothing can touch me Why should i care? "
  • Big Tymers (Intro) - Big Tymers
    "(feat. Bullet Proof, Lil Wayne) Have you ever met a balla in whole damn life Wit plenty money, plenty bitches, and a whole lot of ice I'm that nigga man, tha one they talkin about I'm that nigga man,"
  • Big Bro Thang - Big Brovaz
    "Intro: I cant feel my heart beatI get so cold, I cant breath J-rock: lord please Im on my knees, & im prayin 4 my enemies,I know they remember meBut they wont ever let me be, And im tired of running"
  • Urin Big Bang (We Are Big Bang) - Big Bang
    "B I G B A N G WE Dapdaphaesseotni Sorijilleo WE CRAZY YO Jeo pureun haneul wi-e Taeyang-cheoreom UH SeungRi-reul hyanghan uri yeoljeongeuro YEH Mudaereul jangakhanun gerilla jeontu-e Rideo TOP Daesunggwa"
  • Big In Japan - Big In Japan
    "Winters cityside Crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wind I had no illusions That Id ever find a glimps of summers heatwaves in your eyes You did what you did to me, now its history"
  • Big Fuckin' Star - Reel Big Fish
    "Now that I'm a big star, what am I gonna do? I'm so bored counting all my money, I sit here and I think of you. It's so easy, its so easy to do. I don't even have to try, I don't even want to try, Why"
  • Big Time Operator - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    "I like to sneak a drink, and roll my smoke You see I like my collars pressed I wear big ol' hats, and fancy ties and I hang late with my friends I can take it on the chin with a cheshire grin I'm"

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