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blank space taylort sfiw

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blank space taylort sfiw
  • Tim McGraw Blank Sheet Of Paper
    "I'm just a blank sheet of paper This fool's about to write you a letter To tell you that he's sorry For the way he did you wrong To ask for your forgiveness For leavin you alone He's been lookin down"
  • Jimmies Chicken Shack Fill In The Blank
    "ou could love this it's just a little word we could believe this and lead our hearts astray or find it so unnecessary you take it out on occasion when it's necessary stilnd there are some that say it doesn't"
  • Mr. T Experience Fill In The Blank
    "You've got a plan why don't you do it cause it took fifty thousand years just to think through it is it worth all of the lies? is it worth learning your lines? is it worth falling behind? don't ask me"
  • Versaemerge The Blank Static Screen
    "Dare I ask you this? Where do you stand as a come and go acquaintance? I've been pondering around this bond for sometime now. Where have you been? Where have you been hiding in? Is it in the tall forest? Won't"
  • Further Seems Forever A Blank Page Empire
    "Thoughts pass by like a river flow Must be hard to keep track Where you came from I'd float down Stand right next to you But something is causing a lull In the traffic An empire is moving the grass overgrown I'd"
  • Ten Second Epic Point Blank, Victoria (Demo)
    "Hold on, my dear, it paces through the underground, but downtown sound is all the rage; My love, stay clear, warm nights, with a torrent flow, hold the floodgates back, pierce emotional The hardest"
  • Anal Cunt You (Fill In The Blank)
    "we're so dumb,we've got nothing new to say we write the same song 30 times a day about how you're a cunt or you're dumb or you're gay but we'll keep writing them anyway you fill in the blank fill"
  • Cake Jesus Wrote A Blank Check
    "Jesus wrote a blank check, One I haven't cashed quite yet. I hope I've got a little more time. I hope it's not the end of the line. Yeah, Jesus wrote a blank check. One I haven't cashed yet, all right."
  • Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet
    "Sunlight coming through the haze No gaps in the blind to let it inside The bed is unmade Some music still plays TV, yeah it's always on The flicker of the screen A movie actress screams I'm basking in"
  • Living Sacrifice Void Expression (Blank Stare Mix)
    "Inward lapse mutates transgression Outward appearance is void expression Steps towards disorientation Are frozen by the distraction Veil that covers sight turns black As numb emotions ministers lack With"

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