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bo jovi bed of roses

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bo jovi bed of roses
  • Alice Cooper Bed Of Nails
    "Yeah, we're gonna fight We do it every night Baby, when you scratch You know I'm gonna bite You can make me die I can make you cry Opposites attract That's the reason why No one else could make you feel Like"
  • Atreyu You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover)
    "Shot through the heart and you're to blame Darlin' you give love, a bad name Fuck you An angel's smile is what you sell you promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love, got a hold on me when"
  • Robots In Disguise Bed Scenes
    "Bed scenes! Bed scenes! Bed scenes! Bed scenes! Bed scenes! Bed scenes! Bed scenes! Bed scenes! I feel calm as I take your tongue Breathe you past lips into lungs I feel a little sick and you uncovered A"
  • Gabriel Mann Bed of nails
    "I Love the Way You Hurt Me. My Tears Your Wine.Your Thoughts Would Draw My Plan For a Cruise in Vain.Like Talons in the Pale Moon Shine Above Us.My Gained Pleasure in Pain Is Slowly Vanished WhenYou Sink"
  • Spoons Bed Of Nails
    "I know a place that nobody knows In my wildest dreams I wake up I dont know where Ive been You take me away So far from here Where we dance all night long To the beat of a silent drum Were dancing on"
  • Diva Destruction Bed Of Lies
    "So where is it this time, the proof of deceit Time bomb of destruction So wheres it now, I can hear it ticking I hear you laughing, again As we love this of ties Suffering in this bed, this bed of lies The"
  • Sugarcoma Bed Of Dolls
    "You really hit the sky, stars get into your eyes starve and burn away the pain, age will make him go away I drank your blood, it looked like wine I drank your blood, it looked like mine I'll kill myself"
  • Bruce Robison Bed of ashes
    "This bed of ashes, where I sleep Is covered in deep, and cold memories The walls that surround it, once held a flame Now this bed of ashes is all that remains I can barely recall at all The happy times"
  • Joseph Arthur Bed Of Nails
    "In the past I'm burning in the flame of hope Trouble come and turn me into solid smoke In your bar I drink until I can't stand up Your drowning heart in the bottom of my cup You are hurting but you are"
  • Face Down Bed Of Roaches
    "Night, Another night of the damned, Standing at the border to insanity land Dance of the dead in the midnight hour, Touching your cold lips, Shivering of lust Apathetic you stare, Into my infected"

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