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bocoran buat pk 888 anga ekor tgl 28 oktober 2019

  • Got Me Singing - Jaafar Jackson
    "premiera 28 czerwca 2019 rok. szukam tekstu!"
  • 1988 - 28 Days
    "ride the train and it takes me back to the days when Frankston was our line I used to live for getting up man don't get me wrong killing trains just to kill the f**king time I was true to the graf"
  • Birthday - 28 Days
    "come out drinking tonight i think you need some under your belt and i've been thinking (i've been thinking) that's right that we should just start drinking beers stop feeling sorry for yourself its your"
  • Do Our Part - 28 Days
    "all I f**king do is complain me and the rest of the scene when did we become so clean that's what's wrong with us I'm really over this whinging does nothing no one want's to hit close to home I'm"
  • Like I Do - 28 Days
    "You know i didn't wake up This morning, to waste another beautiful day Set up in the shade I'm getting paid anyway Might as well sit on the beach And fill myself full of brew 2 8 D coming through Grab"
  • Never Give Up - 28 Days
    "if you took away what i had, sing ashes to ashes, dust to dust when i drop how will i land? flat on my back due to lack of self trust, time moves fast like quicksand, but i refuse to stagnate, stagnate,"
  • Rise Above - 28 Days
    "the sky is grey bordem kicks in again I don't know if I'll ever win I'm not sure if it's worth it I'll just have to wait and see surrounded by people I don't understand trying to do my best I've got"
  • Say What? - 28 Days
    "Never do we stress cause we're known to rock shit Decks are in effect and we're going to cock this Twelve gauge super-fly never had a plan, shit We're the two eight dee crew That's what we do best, that's"
  • This Songs About You - 28 Days
    "this songs about you and all the shit you put me through this songs about the thing that drives me crazy this songs about the things that you do to that get to me so I point my finger look at you?"
  • Eats Away - 28 Days
    "i cant stand the taste of defeat just like any man but i know i'll loose more sleep if i waste another chance for nothing more than the fear of the unknown don't wait don't wait don't wait people may"

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