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  • Eastern Wind - Chris De Burgh
    "Well my furrows are filled with corn, I have my woman to keep me warm, But there's one thing that I do fear, That eastern wind is getting near; There's a shotgun beside my bed, This is my country, where"
  • Flying Home - Chris De Burgh
    "We're sitting out here on the runway, Waiting for the plane to leave, And the captain says, "There'll be a short delay, Bear with me please," They gave us the usual hassle, "You can't take those guitars"
  • Suddenly Love - Chris De Burgh
    "Suddenly love comes in and finds me on open ground, Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, there's no turning back, And a journey has just begun; Suddenly love breaks down the doors, There is singing inside, And"
  • The Head And The Heart - Chris De Burgh
    "Let us talk no more, let us go to sleep, Let the rain fall on the window pane, And fill the castle keep, I am weary now, weary to my bones, Weary from the travelling, And the endless country roads, That"
  • Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans - Chris De Burgh
    "Blonde hair, blue jeans, best thing I've ever seen, She looks great, she feels good, lives in my neighbourhood, And when she walks past my house she brings me to my knees, It's like a long dark shadow"
  • Love's Got A Hold On Me - Chris De Burgh
    "I got a light shining over me, I thought this could never be, It's so amazing what I feel, 'Cos love - love's got a hold on me; Up in the air walking down the street, Smile like a fool at everyone I meet, I"
  • Sailor - Chris De Burgh
    "Underneath a silver moon, the ship is like a ghost, She's been out there for a week, just waiting for the wind to blow, But now she's off and running, and there's nothing I can do, 'Cos I am just a prisoner"
  • Shadows And Lights - Chris De Burgh
    "If you're out on a Saturday night, head downtown to the city lights, They've got everything you're looking for, who knows what's behind that door, "D'ya wanna go where the wild men go?" "D'ya wanna come"
  • Some Things Never Change - Chris De Burgh
    "The hero says his final goodbyes, and there are tears in my lover's eyes, But it was just a film, make-believe, they all get up and go home, And now you're asking me why love can wither away and die, Well"
  • The Record Company Bash - Chris De Burgh
    "There's a woman in the wardrobe singing Beatles out of tune, And a salesman in the corner trying to blow up a burst balloon, And the Managing Director, he's a-lying on his back, He's got ice-cream on his"

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