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cheap trease

  • Cheap Day Return Mother Goose - Jethro Tull
    "CHEEP DAY RETURN On Preston Platform Do your soft shoe shuffle dance Brush away the cigarette ash That's falling down your pants And then you sadly wonder Does the nurse treat your old man The way she"
  • Grandstanding Form The Cheap Seats - Good Riddance
    "born with these opinions we've chosen to ignore things once worth fighting for mean nothing anymore the best laid plans the complicated schemes marginalization of a people's hopes and dreams the common"
  • Cause Cheap Is How I Feel - Cowboy Junkies
    "It's the kind of night that's so cold, when you spit It freezes before it hits the ground And when a bum asks you for a quarter, you give a dollar If he's out tonight he must be truly down And I'm searching"
  • A Cheap Name (Demo Version 2) - Brian Head Welch
    "My little boy Bow your head in shame You've disgraced your father's name now It's time you choose Your little toys Won't save you from shot ten Without me you will not win no I swear you'll lose Wisdom"
  • Last Cheap Shot At The Dream - Del Amitri
    "I can't look into the future, but I can't cheat the past I will wipe away my memory, I will find freedom at last I will walk away from everything that I used to want so bad I can't look into the future,"
  • Paranoia man in cheap sh't room - Fall
    "Paranoid manIn mid 30sAt the height of paranoiaAt the zenith of his powersBy bed, replica shooterZenith dissolvingBy his bed replica shooterIn the zenith of his powersWhen girls pass, puts his head down,"
  • Welcome To The Cheap Seats (2:53) - Wonder Stuff
    "Laugh when he jokes, slap him when he chokes. It's time to give up the smokes. And ohh when he cries don't wipe his eyes, take the wine from the swine, and remind him of his crimes. Ohh in another world............ yeah"
  • Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap - The White Stripes
    "One, two, three Well, I want to try and hold my head up high In this busted-up Pinto truck conversion between the broken concrete and the cloudy sky Well, you have to make an effort with me Can you"
  • Talk Is Cheap And I've Got Expensive Tastes - Search The City
    "You've got some nerve and i'm a nervous wreck and you're scared to death these are fighting words i'm getting off my chest God bless you and your secrets you've got a way with words but you really need"
  • Lord, Don't Let Me Die In A Cheap Motel - Banjo Sullivan
    "Picking for the wait staff again, baring my soul up on stage Where my guitar's my only friend Slurring the words to a hit song from a bottle that never ends Mama says, Roy, get home, boy, before the devil"

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