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childish gambino-

  • Old Stone - Laura Marling
    "He chased me through the rain, 'Honey, I'm going your way.' I don't think so. You can chase me through the rain, Scream my name, a childish game, But I love to be young. And honey I was never gonna change, And"
  • Animal Instinct - Mobb Deep
    "Intro: Havoc No doubt! Yo, yo, y'know how we did on The Infamous album, right? Aight, we gonna do it again son (Havoc) Yo Laid up in the cut, watch these rap niggas fuck you up Thick as shorty guts,"
  • Do You Wanna Be A Rider? - Fiend
    "Chorus: Fiend (repeat 2X) Do you wanna be a rider? Yeah, I wanna be a rider Are you ready for the power? Yeah, I'm in there for the power Got 'cha gat right beside ya? They must evolve in power Do you"
  • Someday The Waves - Iron And Wine
    "Waking before you I've got a fever and a childish wish for snow Seems like a long, long time since I spun you to this borrowed radio You pick a place that's where I'll be Time like your cheek has turned"
  • Sonny - Funeral For A Friend
    "You are bleak You are beautiful No matter what they say With this light And tired childish games Swept us all away Sing it out Sing it out for all of us Sing it out Sing it out for all of us This is"
  • Julie H. - Dynamite Boy
    "It was hard to let you go Harder yet to hear those words And everyday since then I've been tryin' to break your curse For all those times you made me wonder why I live I'd paralyze my hate with all the"
  • I Caused Global Warming - Behind Crimson Eyes
    "I can't remember the last time I felt like this. Short breaths and innocence. Slow fucks and cigarettes consume my every thought. I'll bound my wrists to avoid temptation and violent fits. I'll gag your"
  • Halloween - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "The night is still And the frost it bites my face I wear my silence like a mask And murmur like a ghost "Trick or Treat" "Trick or Treat" The bitter and the sweet The carefree days Are distant now I wear"
  • Love For Sale - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Love for sale Advertising young love for sale Love that's fresh and still unspoiled Love that's only slightly soiled Love - yes come get my love because it's right here for sale Who will buy Who would"
  • Been It - The Cardigans
    "Baby boy Your face is pretty and your life's a toy Master man I'm never better than your latest plan Poor donee what are you gonna try to be where are you gonna go without me now I've been you mother,"

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