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chocus pocus

  • Pass The Plugs - De La Soul
    "(This time, put it in mellow) Pass the peas like they used to say Pass the peas like they used to say Pass the peas like they used to say Pass the peas like they used to say (ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha) POS: First"
  • Lunatics In The Grass - Cypress Hill
    "Intro Straight from the Psycho Ward Once again Verse One: B-Real Psycho from the ward, a warning, a f**king scandal Lookin' around, paranoid devoid the funk banner In the combat, the banana leaf control A"
  • Noir Chateau (Black Castle) - Iam
    "Representin (represent) Life (life) The Prodigal Sunn Universal (Universal) Mind (mind) In the Dark Castle, shackles, move as centaurs with axles Dark pethic castles, till my mind pass through worlds,"
  • Hustle - Youngbloodz
    "Yea, youngbloodz, kill the mic, track boys yall aint ready for this shit, Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea ok we back and bumpin, youngbloodz thats us fo sho from left to right we rockin and kickin"
  • Way Out There - King Tee
    "Let's give it up for the fabulous {*scratched: "King Tee*} Fa-fabulous {*scratched: "King Tee*} Let's give it up for the fabulous {*scratched: "King Tee*} Fa, fa-fa-fabulous {*scratched: "King Tee*} "
  • Revenge - Lil' O
    "(*talking*) ha-ha, money's good, ha-ha Bitches is crazy, but you know what Ain't nothing sweeter than revenge Feel me (feel me) (Hook) I've been waiting for the day, I can get my revenge Now my money"
  • From The Tip Of My Tongue - Tung Twista
    "( VERSE 1 ) Droppin a flow like this be breakin the suckers And rippin the rhythm and showin I'm bringin the feel of my tongue And be makin em manifest that I be rockin the young Flowin this style I be"
  • Not When You Get Down - Aceyalone
    "A tall, handsome, chocolate syrup colored kid in a fresh boxcut hairstyle. Quiet manner was more in tune with his, well-heeled patrons than with his hip-hopping friends. "Who hooked you up man?Yo'"
  • Slip Into Reality - House Of Krazees
    "You've just slipped into reality where guns crash And drug raids is an everyday thing when the nuts hang They don't even got a name fame dont mean nothin' Only the cash flow it ain't black or white it's"
  • Lying On A Beach - Joel Plaskett
    "Somebody introduced me To a member of the club I think that they confused me With some other rub-a-dub-a-dub Now, I work on the fifth floor And nothing is my fault I take advice like margueritas With a"

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