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Teksty piosenek (1675)

  • Anitta with Ludmilla and Snoop Dogg Onda Diferente (feat. Papatinho)
    "Anitta, Anitta so glad to meet ya! I’m Bigg noop Dogg and I’ll be the future born in the LBC all about that DPG Gin and Juice, Chronic Weed come on gurl, put thet thing on me if I was you and you was me would"
  • E-40 All Tha Time
    "Uhhhh.. UHHHH.. UHHHH! Ah? Ah? You got Moesha E? All Tha Time B You got your indonesia B? All Tha Time E You got the street sweeper broom? All Tha Time B You"
  • The Game Higher (Prodby Dr.Dre)
    "(Bridge) It's not that I can't stop, It's that I won't stop, I make it hot (I do it) I'll be on top, as soon as the beat drop, I'll make the whole club rock (I do it) (The Game) Lace my Air Ones up, put"
  • Barbra Streisand Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
    "Spring is here There's no mistaking Robins Building nest from coast to coast (***something here I forget ***) Spring can really hang you up the most College boys all writing sonnets In their tender passions"
  • Freestyle Optical Confuzion
    "uh yo yo, let monk cast microscopic allusions to da confuzed minds, tryin to ignore but dont deny my existence before i make your crew own with persistence, unknown, unraveling to tha strategies which"
  • Sinister Perennial Mourning
    "Bodily resignation enter the ancient spheres dimension beyond all dreams where time is forsaken Perennial mourning Eternal benevolent wings solemn moaning flock through chasms of sin falsehood of mankind Perennial"
  • Rheostatics Power Ballad For Ozzy Osbourne
    "Dave Bidini Rock band play rock and roll all day. Rock man say rock and roll will never die. Ozzy, dear old Ozzy, You are rock and roll to me. Half-deaf, drunk, and drooling With your nagging, chronic"
  • Screeching Weasel Get Off My Back
    "You're ourside looking in poking your finget at me And you know that's a really good way to lose that thing but i'm not gonna bite this time cause i know that you think you're right but the facts of the"
  • Eight Fingers Down A Feeling, A Word, A Curse
    "A wilting rose has a short life Escaping one vindication to be chained to the wall Broken hearts take time to heal The four letter genocide, the cursed chronic illusion (I'll do whatever) I can't complete (I'll"
  • The Game Westside story (remix)
    "feat. Snoop Dogg Crip niggaz Blood niggaz, ESE's, Asians Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, White Boys, Jamaicans Latin Kings, Disciples, Vice Lords, Haitians All these motherfuckers been patiently waitin Since"

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