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color gitar kendji girac

  • My Favorite Color - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Man what the FUCK do you think we're doin here We're FED UP, we're sick of this shit! And the police ain't never gonna get anywhere man Shakin people down, shinin the lights in our eyes Treatin all of"
  • Color Me Grey - Indigo Girls
    "Author: Indigo Girls Album title: Strange Fire Crazy Game ----- ---- crazy game, i never should have started to play, but now you couldn't tear me away cause love is sweet, sweet baby, so good to you and"
  • The Color Theft - Oh, Sleeper
    "I walk alone, head down, in a pale grey scene. Every step leads to atrophy. This body made for conquest, instead a pawn on a stage so worthless. I saw the future as endless reaches. The skyline's promise,"
  • The Color Song - David Crowder Band
    "Verse: From golden fields To oceans blue From green mountain meadows I'll think of You From rolling hills With misty moon From roaring rivers I'll think of You Pre-chorus: And everywhere you remind me Chorus: You"
  • Color by numbers - Culture Club
    "When I looked in your eyes Felt the spirit of man Demanding more than just a smile Took a chance for a while Speaking in tongues That float us down rivers The past will remind us Of colours we chose When"
  • Art of color - Corey Hart
    "You know the kind of girl spreads mystiqueShe'll plant a kiss upon your cheek - whoaShe's the one the rich boys likeShe guards a slingshot from their sightNow you may call it lack of competenceHere's my"
  • Changing My Color - Billy Crawford
    "How could I ever hurt you? I knew the two of you were just friends And now I embarrassed you again (What did I do, what did I do) And now you are leaving You say you are never coming back This time"
  • Life Without Color - Orquesta Del Desierto
    "Red was just her dream Then came all the green Everyone's hand's in the rainbow Yea, yea, yea, yea Sun yellow and bright Eyes bleached into white Everyone's stares at the rainbow Yea, yea, yea, yea Colors"
  • Color Of Love - Heartsdales
    "*1 (R) (J) Excuse me! What's your name? What's your size boy? Tell me about them things that you fantasize wanna know Cause I just happen to walk by, noticed you right now ?! Whachu like? "
  • Color me grey - PJ Harvey
    "Pour yourself into a drink It's what you think I don't have anything to say at all A funny mess, don't you agree Just you and me I don't have anything to do at all Shall we go out tonight Will that be"

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