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damion davis
  • Linda Davis Knowin' We'll Never Know
    "What if we'd stayed together What if we'd really tried Would we still be in Tennessee Would I have been your bride Would we be blessed with children Lovingly watching them grow Oh the hardest part of seeing"
  • Linda Davis Some Kinda Woman
    "Well I guess your showing me a thing or two Loving with a vengeance Every night with someone new And I got this funny feeling It's for my benefit So I'm gonna take it As a kind of complement Oh I must"
  • Linda Davis The Crash Of 29
    "She was only 19 when she married him Now 10 years have come and gone A broken heart and two kids later Trying to make it in this world on her own It gets harder each day to face the mirror She knows 30's"
  • Linda Davis There's A Problem At The Office
    "He calls to tell me he'll be late again There's a problem at the office So don't wait up for him And I guess I shouldn't worry but I do Cause a woman senses changes Her man is going through He's changed"
  • Linda Davis White Collar Man
    "You sit in church on Sunday Running figures in your head You plan tomorrow's meetings As I slip off to bed No time for the children's homework Lord, you never take a rest You can't let the simple things Interfere"
  • Linda Davis Always Will
    "(John Hadley/Harry Stinson) If time is a train rollin down the tracks Every minute is a box car that don't come back Take a look around you it's all gonna change Whatever you see ain't neve gonna stay"
  • Linda Davis Cast Iron Heart
    "Go on and cry, but you won't change my mind Your pain and troubles don't concern me I gave you my love, but it was not enough I was just your bridge and boy you burned me So don't hand me no hard luck"
  • Linda Davis Neither One Of Us
    "It's sad to think were not going to make it And it's gotten to the point where we just can't fake it or some ungodly reason, we just won't let it die But I guess neither one of us wants to be the first"
  • Linda Davis She Doesn't Ask
    "(Marc Beeson/Robert Byrne) What do i do now that our love's come to such a bitter end We've been through too much together for me to be your friend And I can't pretend O'm sure I'll see you, but when I"
  • Linda Davis Walk Away
    "(Steven Dale Jones/Carolyn Dawn Johnson) Here we are on different sides of the fence These angry words just dont make any sense It doesnt really matter, whose right or wrong Id rather hold you than"

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