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dinopociag abc

  • Light Years - ABC
    "** Sitting watching stars exploding Building blocks that make This world go round On some distant planet cluster Future gazing, no sight or sound Sitting godlike Mother Nature Now immortal, on my own Light"
  • Love Is It's Own Reward - ABC
    "Like kisses from ices And Tiffany tokens Life's full of surprises So many emotions Why try to fix What isn't broken Life comes in sovereigns Love comes in gold A cargo of moments You'd swear you could"
  • Only The Best Will Do - ABC
    "Elegant faces Won't you stand aside I'm only looking for the real ride Now's not the time To run away and hide * I've got no time for fakers Only the best will do Looking through my eyes, baby It's such"
  • Rolling Sevens - ABC
    "I was tired of letting her Taking me for what she could get Smoking me down Like her last cigarette See, luck's a dime in dozen In a thousand different places Every country cousin's Holding five sweet"
  • Seven Day Weekend - ABC
    "See the girl in the Cabriolet I'm gonna make her mine someday The traffic stops and she steps out Every man starts to scream and shout There's a space in the week It's a date I can keep, oh yeah Seven"
  • Skyscraping - ABC
    "It's four o'clock And the bells are ringing The sun is in the sky I hear the song That the breeze is bringing I smile and close my eyes Slowly drifting Deeper and deeper inside I hear your voice Whispering"
  • Stranger Things - ABC
    "I would walk away from you If that's what you wanted But when you look for something new You can be so disappointed * It's funny how it used to be Me for you and you for me I wish I knew why people change Suddenly **"
  • Who Can I Turn To? - ABC
    "If only I could stand On my own two feet Oh honey, then I'd know Life could be so sweet Someone to drive Someone to blame Someone to rush through my veins Someone to wash it all away * Who can I turn"
  • Show Me - ABC
    "Once I needed your love But that was just one thing left on my mind Then I needed to feel you near me You said:"Don't have the time." The cowboys at the rodeo The rhine-stones on that Romeo Your theme"
  • Bite The Hand - ABC
    "With a little faith we could raise the land With a little hope we could move as planned With a little faith we could raise the land With a little hope we could move as planned Farm the ghetto up, Feed"

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