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  • Groaning The Blues - Willie Dixon
    "I'm so tired of moaning, trying to groan away my blues I'm so tired of moaning, trying to groan away my blues I keep weeping and crying every time I think of you I would rather die of starvation, perish"
  • Everything's Got A Time - Willie Dixon
    "Everything's got a time From start to end Somebody tell me Where time begins Please tell me the time Tell me the time of day Tell me must I go Tell me must I stay There's a time to eat There's a time"
  • That's My Baby - Willie Dixon
    "Hardest finds, sweet like wine Cool like a pool But I'm glad she's mine Look like a angel Got ways like a child The way she loves Is gonna drive me wild But that's my baby Yes, that's my baby That's my"
  • Sittin' And Cryin' The Blues - Willie Dixon
    "(sax & instrumental) Whoa, there's no one To have fun with Since my baby's love Has been done with All I do is think of you I sit and cry and sing the blues Oh, there's no one To depend on Since my baby's"
  • I Got A Razor - Willie Dixon
    "piano & bass Who me? Man, you know I ain't never Lost no fight I'm way too fast for that cat Now look! If me an a grizzly's havin' a fight No! Don't you think the fight ain't fair You talkin' 'bout"
  • Good Understanding - Willie Dixon
    "Now, when you see two women Runnin' hand in hand And neither one a-worried About the other one's man They got a good understandin' Yes, a good understandin' You know a good understandin Can make ev'rything"
  • Wigglin' Worm - Willie Dixon
    "Let's do the wigglin' worm Let's do the wigglin' worm I can do the wiggle and you can too Let's get together now me and you So let's do the wigglin' worm I got a wiggle that a worm ain't got If you wiggle"
  • It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace) - Willie Dixon
    "You have made great planes to span the skies You gave sight to the blind with other men's eyes You even made submarines stay submerged for weeks But it don't make sense you can't make peace You take one"
  • Grave Digger Blues - Willie Dixon
    "Lord I saw the grave digger crying He had his spade in his hand He says I shan't bury this woman Till somebody bury her man You know the poor boy is dead Oh but he just won't lay down Well he just can't"
  • Earthquake And Hurricane - Willie Dixon
    "Hurricane hurricane A mighty earthquake and a hurricane The earth cracked open and was breathing fire Everybody's running none ready to die Some going crazy some insane Saying save me from the mighty hurricane People"

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