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  • Rainbow (Radio Edit) - Elisa
    "You are not an enemy anymore there's a ray of light upon your face now I can look into your eyes and I never thought it could be so simple you can hear the music with no sounds you can heal my heart without"
  • Teach Me Again - Elisa
    "What's it to walk on a silent road, to be thirsty and wait for... wait for the rain? What is it like? You wake me up with a ray of light, tell me a joke and if you don't know one, nevermind Can't we just"
  • Sleeping In Your Hand (Mark Saunders Remix) - Elisa
    "Now just let me sleep I don't wanna talk have nothing nice to say I'm just sleeping in your hand don't wake me up too soon I don't want to see the world I need to be no one all I want is just to be we"
  • A Little Over Zero (Asile's World Version) - Elisa
    "What shall I do just to feel a little over zero and a little over if I am sadness the life will fall on my head gonna walk like it's forever I'm gonna walk just cause this could save me and my fragility,"
  • Happiness Is Home (Elisa's Remix) - Elisa
    "Here it comes the joy of being alone I'm such a child on my own just a child on my own cause I know it's true and I see it's right I know it's true and I see it's right here it goes on happiness is home here"
  • Asile's World (Ghost Track) - Elisa
    "When I'm looking for the perfect things I stand up and put another face (it's a precious land) you're exploring all you see you should try everything (are we sisters?) when I'm looking for the perfect"
  • Asile's World (Bedroom Rockers Remix) - Elisa
    "When I'm looking for the perfect things some fantasies they save me with their grace all around you little things are shining like they are one when I'm looking for the perfect things just stand up and"
  • Labyrinth (Lotus Version) - Elisa
    "Just like a spy through smoke and lights I escaped through the backdoor of the world I saw things getting smaller fear as well as temptations now everything is reflection as I make my way through this"
  • Beautiful Night - Elisa
    "A beautiful night's a beautiful night its colourful soul's embracing my song and a cello's playing in my head just for me and a new desire is blowing sounds in my ear shall I go for a smile? Shall I"
  • Almeno Tu Nell'Universo (Lotus Version) - Elisa
    "Sai, la gente strana, prima si odia e poi si ama cambia idea improvvisamente, prima la verit e poi mentir a noi senza seriet, come fosse niente sai la gente matta, forse troppo insoddisfatta segue il"

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