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  • When - Alan Parsons Project
    "Standing around for an hour in the rainThe porcelin promise is breaking once againFill me with everything I want to hearThese are the same lines that I heard last yearAnd you always seem to talk and walk"
  • When Shit Hits The Fan - Obie Trice
    "(Dr. Dre) yeah yo lets bring it (chorce) (Eminem) What you gonna do when shit hits the fan Are you gonna stand and fight like a man Will you be as hard as you say you are Or you gonna run and go get your"
  • Flyest Material - Eminem
    "Intro: (scratches) (Eminem)- "Shady!" (Eminem)- "that's me" (Mr. Eon)- "Iron Mic Trilogy" (Erik Sermon)- "back...with the flyest material" (Eminem)- "Sh....Sh....Shady!" (Eminem)- "that...that.....that's"
  • Venger's A Big Fat Bitch - Eminem
    "(dr dre) Tell yo 'bout venger Straight out of michigan Slim shady (eminem) Venger is a big fat bitch He's the biggest bitch I know And he stinks like shit Remember back then, The days when he was skinny?"
  • The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (ft. Eminem) - Kid Cudi
    "It’s been a minute But i ma back in it Y’all ain’t dealing whit the same boy Gotta a lil trippy They transitioned New attitude mixed with that pure raw The night game Ya girl called She like do me baby Down"
  • Guilty Conscience(Music Vid) - Eminem
    "Announcer: Meet Eddie, 23 years old., Fed up with life, and the way things are going, he decides to rob a liquor store, on his way in, he has a sudden change of heart. And suddenly, his conscience comes"
  • Stephanie - Eminem
    "The other day this bitch came up to me Said her name was Stephanie She was there with her friends, Vanessa, Kayla, and Katie They all had long blonde hair Right down to their butts With their tits hanging"
  • Superman (Album Version) - Eminem
    "Intro: (Dina Rae) Oooooh (Eminem) You hot baby? (Dina Rae) Yaaahhh. (Eminem) Yah? (Dina Rae) Talk to me. (Eminem) You want me to tell you something? (Dina Rae) Uh huh. (Eminem) I know what you want to"
  • Superman (Dirty Version) - Eminem
    "Intro: (girl) Oooooh (Eminem) You high baby? (girl) Yaaahhh. (Eminem) Yah? (girl) hahaha.. Talk to me. (Eminem) You want me to tell you something? (girl) Uh huh. (Eminem) I know what you want to hear. (Chorus"
  • Jingle Bells - Eminem
    "(eminem)Yo Yo Jingle bells jingle bells. Jingling all the way Oh what it is to ride from Detroit to east LA (Eminem) Is this a white Christmas hell no my man Imp leaving blood in the"

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