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  • Tempus Vernum - Enya
    "Ergo, oceanus, maritimus Ergo, opacare, matutinus Ergo, septentrio, meridies Ergo, occidens et orientis Ergo, oceanus, maritimus Opacare, matutinus Septentrio, meridies Occidens et orientis Ergo, terra,"
  • Flora's Secret - Enya
    "Lovers in the long grass Look above them Only they can see Where the clouds are going Only to discover Dust and sunlight Ever make the sky so blue Afternoon is hazy River flowing All around the sounds Moving"
  • Fallen Embers - Enya
    "Once, as my heart remember, All the stars were fallen embers. Once, when night seemed forever I was with you. Once, in the care of morning In the air was all belonging. Once, when that day was dawning. I"
  • Pilgrim - Enya
    "Pilgrim, how you journey On the road you chose To find out why the winds die And where the stories go. All days come from one day That much you must know, You cannot change what's over But only where"
  • One By One - Enya
    "Here am I Yet another goodbye! He says Adios, says Adios, And do you know why She won't break down and cry? - she says Adios, says Adios, Goodbye. One by one my leaves fall. One by one my tales are told. It's"
  • Lazy Days - Enya
    "Lazy old day Rolling away Dreaming the day away Don't want to go Now that I'm in the flow Crazy amazing day One red balloon Floats to the moon Just let it fly away I only know That I'm longing to go Back"
  • Book Of Days (English) - Enya
    "One day, one night, one moment, My dreams could be, tomorrow. One step, one fall, one falter, East or west, over earth or by ocean. One way to be my journey, This way could be my book of days. O la go"
  • Anywhere Is - Enya
    "I walk the maze of moments But everywhere I turn to Begins a new beginning But never finds a finish I walk to the horizon And there I find another It all seems so surprising And then I find that I know "
  • China Roses - Enya
    "Who can tell me if we have heaven, Who can say the way it should be; Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet, Angel's tears below a tree. You talk of the break of morning As you view the new aurora, Cloud in"
  • Storms In Africa (II) - Enya
    "Though I walk through Warm sands in Africa Winds will grow soon To storms in Africa. How far to go I cannot say. How many more Will journey this way? Dark skies fall on Black earth and ivory. Far from"

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