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gamgam style psy

  • Sex Style - Kool Keith
    ""Now the first drop of juice is there for her to see Honey, that's when she backs off and just lick her teeth..." (Sex style!) Niggas want it free They dogs drink my piss (Girls pay a fee) You want"
  • Funny Style - Tha Alkaholiks
    "(feat. King Tee) Yo, I'm from Killa Cali I wrote this rhyme in an alley The tall can MC stepping fresh out the valley I'm hella fresh comin straight through your chest I blow a hole in you soul, I'm"
  • Shaolin Style - Shyheim
    "Yeah yeah!! Where my shaolin peoples at? Stapleton, the craziest, y'all know what time it is Wild wild west Now born, killa hill, poor to the rich man Jungle nilz, let's get money y'all Verse one: It"
  • Professional Style - The Alchemist
    "(AZ) Y'all know what it is, Brooklyn's finest Wild money zone, AZ, Alchemist Doin what I do best, what y'all can't do I'm 'bout to hop on the biggest muh'fuckin boat ever The Queen Mary, 'bout to cross"
  • Choppa Style - Choppa
    "Choppa Miscellaneous Choppa Style you want to shake it like a dog and do it all night a-all night now move in my position and get it right put yo hands in the air once you make nigga fine I'm choppa chop"
  • Execution Style - Mercenary
    "Turning the nights, into your darkness Dreams of the never, screaming for more Searching for answers, searching for meaning Searching for life, as your life fades away Turning your answers into your lies Twisting"
  • Gotti Style - DMX
    "Aaaah What Niggaz don't want it Yeah Ja Rule DMX Def Jam niggaz hah Mutherfuckers better stay the fuck out of our way Understand that, knawmean? We doin this shit straight gangsta style, Gotti"
  • Soprano Style - Half-A-Mill
    "(Half-A-Mill) Word on the street the fiends love us Shit could see us on magazine covers That's that kid wit the green Hummer, checked out Pants saggin nearly got my dick out Sippin his style I got it"
  • Eimsbush Style - Samy Deluxe
    "Mister Schnabel: Es steht riesengro an jeder Wand und zwar schwarz auf wei, heute Abend gibts 'n Auftritt von der first class und zeigt, den derbsten Typen, also plan' nix, vergiss die Stammbars im"
  • Hollywood style - A.P. Golden Boy
    ""Hollywood stajl" Jol, Jol fajne dupy Jol, Jol wszystkie kutasy pongliszowym stylem zagrajmy w klasy i skaczmy do gory jak jebane kangury wyskakuj z ciuchow mala i wskakuj do fury nie bede sie pierdolil"

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