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  • Go - Innocence Mission
    "Georgia, it grew in the night when you thought it was tiredand how can it always recover and comeand want to whirl you around with your eyes closed, no matter how you say: I won't go, go.Georgia, we follow"
  • Go - Jupiter Rising
    "Every day the same day It never changes I hump the nine to five I do what I do just to get by Im always fiending for a new life Tonights the night Im gonna settle the score The weekday war for my soul Tonights"
  • Go - Rene Froger
    "I never felt like this before seeing you again only makes me sad I remember the times when we were so in love and had everything it makes me so sad time is meant to heal the pain I thought was gone but"
  • Go - Kane
    "Hey, you make a minute go fasterHey, what's that you do to yourself?now hey, let's see the Mercury riselike dancers with the flames,we'll be dancing with the flames untill you goand danceyou make a minute"
  • Go - Hanson
    "For all the love we've made Just one thing stays the same The lamp gets dusty The pipes get rusty But I don't wanna wash my hands clean Well you say you love me too Then why won't you go through With"
  • Go - Asia
    "(Wetton/Downes) Dig for victory, go for gold I don't wanna die before I get old And I wonder where I'm going to There's some way out, there's some way through But I'm lost, I'm lost, I'm down again My"
  • Go - Kelly Clarkson
    "Breathe in, breathe out Restless, waiting for anything Tension is thick in the air Are you gonna lead or follow me Full speed Turn up the overdrive Makes me feel glad that I'm alive This time, we've finally"
  • Go - Kim Leoni
    "You made me feel like I belong Cause you held me like a gun. You were shelter from the storm I could swear you were the one I thought were my angel Your smile could melt my heart I thought that passing"
  • Go! - Clödie
    "Into the fire you watched me burn Living in shadows I had so much to learn Taking my chances I place my bets No overthinking, no time to have regrets Go for the gold and don't look back Oh, I've been"
  • Go - Avril Lavigne
    "I want you to go away, I hate you now and I shall forever, Go,go,I hate you, Why you gotta step up,step up, And tell me I'm wrong to hate you, Ya know what boy? My thoughts are never gonna change bout"

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