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hair spray

  • Fixing Her Hair - Ani DiFranco
    "she's looking in the mirror she's fixing her hair and I touch my head to feel what isn't there she's humming a melody we learned in grade school she's so happy and I think this is not cool 'cause I know"
  • Hair Dresser Skit - Trina
    "Hello hair truck may I help you? Trina: Yea, somebody beeped Trina? Somebody beeped Trina? Yea Yea Yea Yea I beeped her I beeped her, Wuz up wuz up bitch where the f**k you at? Girl, do you know this"
  • My Impure Hair - Blonde Redhead
    "I've lost my key I've gone too far Was it enough to make you sick ? Maybe I live again, but would I lose again my virginity ? Oh, my virginity I'm shaped to get in your way But in the end We defend our"
  • Bad Hair Day - Holly Tree
    "wake up, no food i'm starting to think this is not my day a big cloud, the rain in the slippery ground i sprain my foot no bus, passing by maybe i will be late again at work, my boss starts to shout and"
  • Long hair queer - Vandals
    "Well I asked about him, that long hair, and those curls She said he's just a nice guy, likes to hang out with the girls Well I didn't think twice about him- I just figured him for gay I sure had him pegged"
  • Comb My Hair - Andre Nickatina
    "Comb My Hair -Andre Nickatina i can see my reflection in my sons eyes and when i see them i know the lord cried when jesus died im not a saint i spred my wings like a condor i tell the boys to come get"
  • Cutting My Hair - Facing New York
    "Sliding down the windshield of my car, To catch a wiper and be tossed aside, to soak into the street. Followed by another countless pour of rain, I swear I could watch it fall all over me, from my head"
  • Comb Your Hair - Boo Radleys
    "We've both been sitting here so long Turn it off there's nothing on The television will not be revolutionised So come on baby, comb your hair And hope the streets will lead us where Everybody will know"
  • Flaming red hair - Embrace
    "Like a fish I'll climb a mountain While the others swim in the sea You can drag the lake I'm in But you'll never catch me I know you got to thin the numbers I'm just sick of being told 'Cos it's like a"
  • Ice Hockey Hair - Super Furry Animals
    "She's got ice hockey hair It's instamatic and it has such flair And when the puck hits the back of the cage She feels the tingle of a quiet rage She thinks it's tasty Me thinks it's hasty Take me to a"

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