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  • Lost Halo - Living Colour
    "How (di)d you come to live on ... angel? You feel this place with timeless ... You blind us .... heaven ... Without your wings ... to fly Through the night Where (di)d you leave your halo angel? Is it"
  • Black Halo - The Trews
    "Mr. Richard Jones skull and two crossbones can't be bought or sold detached and lost and cold everyone he knows wears a black halo impulse misery waiting on Queen Street Stand your lonely ground, in the"
  • Chemical Halo - Chemlab
    "Chemical halo Burning bright in a sodium haze All meaning is lost But this confusion remains I'm going to tear myself apart If I can't get myself together And spread my pieces around like waste And give"
  • Halo papa - Guova
    "10 godzin w każdego dnia w pocie czoła by mogła mieć wszystko co ma on stęskniona gdy tylko żegna go czułe pa pa dzwoni do gościa - halo papa stary już wyszedł chata wolna wychodzi z pracy pod wymówką"
  • Crooked Halo - Candlebox
    "Eyes to you, every hand I see. Eyes to you, very heavy in my hands. Eyes raised up to your hand, my arms diseased. Eyes fall, eyes follow you, and I'll be, Something's not ready for... My love for you."
  • Halo dies - Orphaned Land
    ""Father thou art in heaven Thy kingdom cries hallow lives The sacred halo dies You defied and turned your back Upon our lord of Wrath All faith you lack You walk (upon) this beaten path" All man shall"
  • Halo (Hello) - Jiri Korn
    "Zas slo vytm a potm.Jen zvonn u po osm a nejsi tam.Vak slym nhle celkem jin ton.Halo,nepokldej telefon.Ref.:Je mi bdn, je mi hej,e jsem nhle s Tebou sm.Jsem blzen Tk ppadod t chvle, co T znm.Jen se mmu"
  • Lamp Halo - Zeromancer
    "It's my life Yeah I know It's not a perfect one.but It's a life I can live with But you don't know If you can And you don't know If you want Cause you don't know If I'm the right one And you don't know Well"
  • Liferaft Halo - Ultimate Fakebook
    "I'm down to no more patience lack of sentiment liferaft sit down the large-heart slave will see you now don't try to play it all down around me you know I see right through enough not to take it all the"
  • Mountain Halo - The Appleseed Cast
    "Father now, Listen close. You have become Another ghost Just like me. Just like me The flowers fall From your glass. The bitter taste. The girl is back In dancing lights In dancing lights. In dancing"

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