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honorata lalala

  • Pour quelques centimes - Nana Mouskouri
    "On sait que je ne suis pas joueuse Pourtant on joue sur mon nom Pour quelques centimes Je leur chante une chanson Lalala ladoula ladoula ta ah la Lalala ladoula la ah la Pour quelques centimes Je leur"
  • Ding Dong Song - Gunther
    "Oh, you touch my tralala, Mm my ding ding dong. La lalala lalala.... Oh, you touch my tralala La lalala lalala.... Mm, my ding ding dong. La lalala lalala.... Deep in the night I'm looking for some"
  • Shame On Me - Benett
    "I didn't think that I could break your heart the time you really tried you say I took you for a ride I guess it's hard to explain, I thought that maybe you should feel the pain but if I put the blame on"
  • Flaj (ft. Jesioł) - Fejz
    "La la la la lalala Latam /4x Nie ma bata! ("Flaj" to drugi singel Fejza. Premiera klipu zapowiadana jest na wieczór 20 marca.)"
  • Imbecile - Alain Bashung
    "Imbcile t'as encore t traner Dans le fond des asiles Pour l'trouver l'amour fou, imbcile Ren retourne au pieu Vampire systme PAL Tu seras jamais cuyre Le tutu te va mal C'est pas mes oignons J'tais l avant"
  • Supa Deutschland - Mickie Krause
    "Hallo Leute hier ist Dngens Und das ist fr den Europameister : schal-lal-la-la-la-la La-la-la-lalala La-la-la-lalala La-la-la-lalala ol ol ol ol ol supa Deutschland supa Deutschland supa Deutschland ol"
  • Is This The Way To Amarillo - Tony Christie
    "Sha la la lala lalala Sha la la lala lalala Sha la la lala lalala When the day is dawningon a Texas Sunday morning how I long to be there with Marie who's waiting for me there every lonely city where"
  • I Don't Know, Let's Sing - Jennifer Chung
    "Hi, it's very very nice to meet shoes I mean, very nice to meet you. Have we met before 'cause I recall your presence in my dreams. You say you've heard a lot about me. So what is it you know exactly? That"
  • Hey Diddle Diddle - Kelly Family
    "Hey diddle diddle and the cat and the fiddle And the cow jumped over the moon A little dog lied to see such a sport And the dish ran away with the spoon There was a little girl who had a little curl Right"
  • Som Sommaren - Jimmy Jansson
    "Str dr utanfr min drr Och vcker minnerna frn frr aaha Hr kommer knslorna igen Det knns som frra sommaren Hon r lalala Som Som Sommaren Hr kommer hon med som som sommaren Och pulsen brjar sl kan ni inte"

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