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i've got head

  • I've Got You - Ari Hest
    "Tell me you care Tell me you're listening Tell me it is me that you are missing Tell me I need something more, anyone before Stay for the moment Under these covers We'd lie here all day If I had my druthers Honey"
  • I've Got Rhythm - Bobby Darin
    "I got rhythm, I got music I got my gal who can ask for anything more I got daisies in green pastures I got my gal who can ask for anything more Old man trouble? I don't mind him you won't find him round"
  • Everything I've Got - Iain Archer
    "With complication comforting my mind it was easy To throw it to the air and watch it fall gently And leave it scattered never pick it up Plot the endless patterns of chaos And never ever count the cost Of"
  • I've Got You - McFly
    "The world would be a lonely place Without the one that puts a smile on your face So hold me 'til the sun burns out I won't be lonely when I'm down 'Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger When the"
  • I've Got Confidence - Elvis Presley
    "(Andrea Crouch) When trouble is in my way I can't tell the night from day I toss from side to side Like a ship on a raging tide I don't worry and I don't fret God has never failed me yet Troubles comin'"
  • I've Got Reasons - Bombshell Rocks
    "Mr, I spit on your intentions Well, I've got reasons and reasons is all I need And mr, I spit on your protection Stroke by the madness I'm about to proceed With pure insanity and insensibility You take"
  • I've Got You - Pearl Jam
    "I've got you, and that's all I want. I won't forget, 'cause that's a whole lot. When something's wrong, I feel uneasy. You show me, tell me you're not teasin'. I don't know why sometimes I get frightened. You"
  • I've got life - E-Type
    "One more timeI leave behind just burning bridgesit's a crimeI am herethere must be somewhere I can breathenow take me thereit's time to seeI wanna make you breatheThat life can be me whateverwhat you want"
  • All I've Got - 17:28
    "If I could just find a way to get inside your heart I would be the luckiest guy If I can just be the one whod be by your side Just a chance to feel what its like REFRAIN 1 And Id do anything to be in his"
  • All I've got - Natalia 'Natu' Przybysz
    "Yuu call it music but it is all I've got The truth is All is in the mind When I hear music All becomes one sound And that is including You and I. I hear music when I go home and I turn my lamps down I"

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