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imagion dragons demons

  • Demons 2 - Young Lungs
    "Utwór pochodzi z mixtape'u "This Time Last Winter"."
  • Beware of the dragons - Insania
    "A long time ago, when dragons and humans ruled side by side. The links were so strong, time just went on with no hate- no lies. No evil, no pain. No power no throne. But there was a man insane who claimed"
  • Ride with the dragons - Battlelore
    "The Dark Enemy, a god called MorgothHide himself in the pit of AngbandEvil jewels of his mind took a shapeGreat wyrms were bornWhen it storms look up to the skyTo the battlefields those dragons will flyMighty"
  • Dragons In The Sky - Trout Fishing In America
    "(K. Grimwood/E. Idlet) Oh, look to the horizon, Something's flying in the air, Leather sings on green scales, I see dragons over there. They won't stay pressed between the pages any more. Oh, look to the"
  • The last of dragons - Covenant
    "The shattering of old illusions - created new surges of chaosNo longer driven by ancient hungers - i grabbed the poisened chaliceClawing at the churning night - thus rose my cosmic ambitionsRiding the"
  • Dragons Of The North - Einherjer
    "As blood for wolves for riches and lust Onward with hammers to chest Villages burn, burn citys to dust And for fun they tortue the rest Cold, blue steel through a nice day's breast An avalanche of heathnes"
  • The last of dragons - The Kovenant
    "The shattering of old illusions - created new surges of chaos No longer driven by ancient hungers - I grabbed the poisoned chalice Clawing at the churning night - Thus rose my cosmic ambitions Riding the"
  • Drago Or The Dragons - Falling Up
    "This mathematic sunset starts a neck to sink her teeth into again A late aesthetic exit is impossible but not from rafter sins I am just alive, she's just a fake Now poison's running through the seams The"
  • Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover) - Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix
    "I'm waking up, to ash and dust I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust I'm breathing in, the chemicals I'm breaking in, I'm shaping up Then checking out on the prison bus This is it, the apocalypse, whoa I'm"
  • Fear (feat. Imagine Dragons) - X Ambassadors
    "There's a whisper, a rumor Voices in the air outside Got their eyes on the future Yeah, the kids are coming up on the ride. God, I'm running in fear, fear, fear /2x Lights out, I'm afraid of everything"

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