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iran maiden

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iran maiden
  • Iron Maiden Diffrent world
    "You lead me on the path keep showing me the way I feel a little lost a little strange today. I think I'll take ahold of whatever comes my way then we'll see what happens take it day by day I thought I"
  • Iron Maiden For the greater good of god
    "Are you a man of peace Or a man of holy war Too many sides to you Dont know which anymore So many full of life But also filled with pain Dont know just how many Will live to breathe again A life thats"
  • Iron Maiden Forever
    "I will tell you that am feeling inside, I could lie for me, but that I feel is true No there is as denying when I look in their eyes, Girl, I lose my head to their side And I lived so much time believing"
  • Iron Maiden Home
    "Once upon a time before all this mess beganI never felt alone, all now stolenSimple and serene was it a world of make believeYou could take me by the hand and I'd followHear my voiceDid you see me coming?I"
  • Iron Maiden Montsegur
    "I stand alone in this desolate spaceIn death they are truly aliveMassacred innocence, evil took placeThe angels were burning insideCenturies later I wonder whyWhat secret that they took to their graveStill"
  • Iron Maiden Mr. Crowley
    "Mr. Crowley, what went on in your headMr. Crowley, did you talk with the deadYour life style to me seemed so tragicWith the thrill of it allYou fooled all the people with magicYou waited on Satan's callMr."
  • Iron Maiden Space station 5
    "Start, with the sun And move on outThe future's in the skies aboveThe heavens unfoldAnd a new star is bornSpace and time makin' loveChorus:Oh what a time we hadLiving on the groundI've moved to station"
  • Iron Maiden The angels and the gambler
    "Roll of the diceTake a spin of the wheelOut of your hands nowSo how do you feelBut you're not gonna winYou'd better go back again Do you feel luckyOr do you feel scaredTake what luck bringsAnd be Devil"
  • Iron Maiden These colors don't run
    "It's the same in every country when you say you're leaving Left behind the loved ones waiting silent in the hall Where you're going lies adventure others only dream of Red and green light this is real"
  • Iron Maiden Wildest dreams (deutsche)
    "Ich werde ein paar Vernderungen in meinem Leben vornehmen. Ich werde die Dmonen meiner Vergangenheit exorzieren. Ich wird das Auto nehmen und einfach losfahren. Ich fhle mich bereit einfach Gas zu geben."

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