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  • Exit To The City - Bad 4 Good
    "Saturday night just got paid I'll make my exit to the city I'm on a high speed getaway Reach my hand in the bag and I'm ready to roll Out on the run Out of control This time I'll take the exit This time"
  • Exit Does Not Exist - Sun Kil Moon
    "Does not Exist, Take an Exit I hear voices insinuating Feeds me words to this song that I am saying Sunlight 7:20 PM, early September Standing looking at a photograph you do not remember You look out"
  • Exit Does Not Exist - Modest Mouse
    "Does not Exist Take an Exit I hear voices insinuatin' feeds me lyrics to this song that I am saying. Sunlight 7:20 p.m. early September standing looking at a photograph that you do not remember being"
  • Last Exit To Eden - Amanda Marshall
    "The walls are thin here in this motel room Some fool is raging overhead He's preaching the gospel according to Johnnie Walker Red Four hundred miles talking to myself Me and your memory end up here"
  • New Jersey Exit (2'40) - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive New Jersey Exit (2'40) Due to acne. Due to heavy metal. Due to Fread and Barney, Wilma and Pebbles. New Jersey exit. Suzy's got the flue. Maybe this will clear up her sinuses, she's"
  • Last Exit To Brooklyn - Modern Talking
    "I cannot sleep - the night is young I cannot eat - I want some fun I pick you up - Route 66 Life gives me the kick I cannot live - I love this life I cannot die - can I survive I cannot breathe - without"
  • Last Exit On Yesterday - Manic Street Preachers
    "Dance to the valentine, anthems that kill Valium veins and eyes that sink Lying down I want, want a brainwash trip Don't wanna wake next to your stretched skin You're screaming so much that I feel sorry"
  • Exit At Gate Zero - Gluecifer
    "I got a phone-call and I am back on the street I'm throwin' curses at the people I meet Got a black heart workin' hard deep inside of me Coz I'm back on the street where I swore that I would never be And"
  • The Exit Poll Amen - Action Reaction
    "You've got issues with love 'Cause you've got nothing to prove Only heart, lonely heart Only heart, lonely heart (Whoa, whoa, whoa) And he won't show you That place in the dark (Whoa, whoa, whoa) Open"
  • Exit (ft. Edward Snowden) - Jean Michel Jarre
    "Technology can actually increase privacy The question is: Why our private details that are transmit online Why our private details that are store on our personal devices Any different And details and private"

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