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  • In The Arms Of Love - Andy Williams
    "Music by Henry Mancini and Words by Jay Livingston and ray Evans From the movie "What Did You Do In the War, Daddy?" starring James Coburn (peak Billboard position # 49 in 1966) If I could"
  • Making The Rounds - George Jones
    "MAKING THE ROUNDS WRITER BOUDLEAUX BRYANT 'm making the rounds with someone new now that you've gone away But making the rounds it's not the fun if it was with you The glamour has gone from all the spots"
  • Goodbye Reality - One Fine Day
    "when your daily job is living your nightmares when you work your ass off and no one even cares I know a place to go when you work your ass off and no one even cares say goodbye to reality forget about"
  • Fuel To Fire - Agnes Obel
    "Do you want me on your mind or do you want me to go on I might be yours as sure as I can say Be gone be faraway Roses on parade, they follow you around Upon your shore as sure as I can say Be gone be"
  • The Runaway - Carola
    "So many things that you could say or do. Don't wanna say goodbye. So many nights that I would cry for you but you were cold as ice. Now I'm searching for someone I can be sure of. Sacrifice the only"
  • The Runaway - Bee Gees
    "So many things that you could say or do Don't wanna say goodbye So many nights that I would cry for you But you were cold as ice Now I'm searching for Someone I can be sure of Sacrifice the only one that"
  • My Romance - James Taylor
    "(Rodgers/Hart) My romance doesn't need to have a moon in the sky. My romance doesn't need a blue lagoon standing by. No month of May, no shining star, no hideaway, no soft guitar. My romance doesn't"
  • Daytime Friends - Kenny Rogers
    "And he'll tell her he's working late again But she knows too well there's something going on She's been neglected, and she needs a friend So her trembling fingers dial the telephone Lord, it hurts her"
  • The Other Side - Alana Grace
    "I found the poison under my skin Creeping in slowly feeding everything I feel so close yet so far away Staring at life this prison of sheltering It's killing me... I-I-I wanna break free from these walls"
  • Moment #72 - Appleseed Cast
    "Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Moment #72 secrets of. curtains love. blinds. a hideaway. long hand falls. the moment slows down. and nothing moves. count the seconds passage. lies concealed your"

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