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  • Gone (Bonus Track) - Trillville
    "Gone go ahead and buck den,stop trippin actin like u scared to buck (Chorus) u can buck if u wanna buck mothaf**ka (git gone) and be an example fo da mothasuckaz (gone gone) (repeat 3 more times) (Bohagon) (verse"
  • Supersonic (Bonus Track) - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "Supersonic from the Earth to the sun now Flash from your atomic gun wow Hang a right at the next Zodiac sign Your kiss mine Our love is radiating Chill out, its worth the waiting Youve got me spinning"
  • Orlando (Bonus Track) - Smilez & Southstar
    "{continued from track 17 at 4:46} Intro: Orlando Thank you for visiting Orlando, Florida Home of the theme parks, Arlington, and beautiful sunshine Orlando Please gather your belongings and make your"
  • Atlantic (Bonus Track) - Moonspell
    "The earth should have opened And swallowed us in Stop at nothing inside us Then a wind should have risen From the deep mouth of our sea And things should have been as they used to be There is a"
  • Eternal Flame (Bonus) - Human Nature
    "Close your eyes Give me your hand, Darling Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? Is this burning an eternal flame? I believe it's meant to be, Darling I"
  • Dragon (Bonus Track) - Neva Dinova
    "I'm looking at my dragon He's looking back at me He's wondering what I'm thinking And I'm wondering When will I see you I'm thinking of a woman She's thinking of a man It's not who I expected She never"
  • Jump (Bonus Track) - Rupee
    "Whey... look at people You make me wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, (Chorus) (jump) jump around de place, (jump) i want to pelt my waist (jump) jumpin up and down, (jump) even on de ground (jump) jumpin"
  • Pegasus Fantasy (Bonus) - Highlord
    "Burn your Cosmo down Embrace the power of your soul To the limit of the stars see a miracle become true Maybe we will fail We will learn to feel the pain Still far is the way but a promise has been done Pegasus"
  • The Bonus Plan - GWAR
    "Tabarnac Ma Petite Crack J'ai vu Toi Tu sens bien Je Ment Vien Pret de Toi Pour Te Sentire Pret De Moi Ma te Mord Ta Clavicule Ma te Mord Ta Clavicule Roullante Ma gang De Morte on sans collise Ma te"
  • Visions (Bonus Track) - Hooverphonic
    "Accepting new ideas is hard Holding on to the past It's too easy can't you see We've got to move on Our world is constantly speeding The stars are still intriguing The tears in our eyes Feed happiness"

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