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legenda ';Kościół Farny';

  • By The Moonlight - Legenda
    "hey she's rising from her cold grave Bitch vampire dancing at it's gaze By the moonlight gave farewell By the moonlight, by the cold night Hey, bloodthirsty red stary eyes She's gazing at my side for"
  • Jackalian Cry - Legenda
    "The eternal flow of the tear The flood of the jackalian cry Millions of voices are calling my name Me. The King. The I As I stand here in the head of the river Millions are flowing past my eyes Their"
  • Luciette - Legenda
    "Cold winds as she walks past the night She is one with her cold eyes She is from inside her unclean Every skin she kisses unclean She is vampire at her own veins She is lost for the rest of the time Luciette"
  • Winter Night - Legenda
    "Cold wintry night drops of snow from the sky Last rays of light wipe the silvery ice The cold winter night wading in the drifts so high The cold winter night frost shines in my eyes Cold wintry dawn"
  • Wolves, Honey, Wolves - Legenda
    "A peaceful walk in October's rain has come again A drop of blood to call the hunters you are the pray Do you remember the nights we walked these lovely fields Where the dead roses grow and it rains blood"
  • All Love Is Gone - Legenda
    "Suffering pain deep inside Left her arms her cold parade Her cold soul is freezing me I'm falling down I'm falling deep All love is gone She was she that liveth and was dead She had the keys of hell"
  • At Nightfalls - Legenda
    "At nightfalls dreaming of them Far away lands heathen At nightfalls dreaming of them Black nights cults within At nightfalls the roaming sounds Of thunder striking down A mystery of thousands of years The"
  • Autumnal - Legenda
    "Seven witches in ther dance Changing names twisting their hands Fires are burning reaching sky Calling out name of their light The bell is ringing the time is round Words are spoken they're falling onto"
  • Black Sky - Legenda
    "The shades of evening were falling fast My body shivering in the cold A light wind casts her odour in my wake Her eyes reminding me of my eternal agony Her lifeless pale face in the stare of my eyes Her"
  • I'm A Legend Tonight - Kiss
    "I've been working at my job, slaving like a dog all day And I've been thinking about you, girl And watching the minutes slip away Yeah, and I know there's someone inside me that nobody sees And I know"

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