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  • Pizza And Beer - Pratt Dave And The Sex Machine Band
    "Pepperoni, sourdough and mozzarella cheese Black olives, chives and anchovies Gino's, Pizza Hut and Peter Piper Well, throw me a slice and bring a pitcher here You can have your fancy wine and caviar Just"
  • Drink Beer Polka - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Nothing works if your mouth is dry We all know that You can go on without food That's a well known fact What should we drink When we are thirsty Drink (Drink) Beer (Beer) Come (Come) Here (Here) Sing (Sing)"
  • I Like Beer - Tom T. Hall
    "In some of my songs I have casually mentioned The fact that I like to drink beer This little song is more to the point Roll out the barrel and lend me your ears (chorus) I like beer. it makes me a jolly"
  • Beer Drinkin' Woman - Memphis Slim
    "Now I walked into a beer tavern To give a girl a nice time When I entered I had forty-five dollars When I left I had one dime Wasn't that a beer drinkin' woman Don't you know, man don't you know She was"
  • I like beer - Hall Tom T
    "In some of my songs I have casually mentionedThe fact that I like to drink beerThis little song is more to the pointRoll out the barrel and lend me your ears(Chorus)I like beer. It makes me a jolly good"
  • Just One Beer - Rodney Carrington
    "One beer then I'm gone The ugliest women that I've laid eyes on got together and decided to come here They're not pretty They're not small I don't give a damn at all Tonight I'm only having just one"
  • Beer In Mexico - Kenny Chesney
    "Starin' out into the wild blue yonder So many thoughts to sit and ponder 'Bout life and love and lack of And this emptiness in my heart Too old to be wild and free still Too young to be over the hill Should"
  • Where's My Beer? - Scotty Emerick
    "You ain't over there at your sister's. You ain't on my telephone line. You ain't nowhere around and I just found out, You ain't the only thing that's hard to find. Where's my beer? Oh dear. I coulda"
  • Beer And Bones - Montgomery John Michael
    "I ain't nothin' but beer and bones, Honey since I lost you Ain't ate a bite since the night That you said we're trough Walked to that jukebox to play A few sad country songs Heard someone say, hey that"
  • Liquor, Beer & Wine - Reverend Horton Heat
    "The doctor says I'm livin' On precious borrowed time, WIth all the time I'm givin' To liquor beer and wine. The X-rays of my liver, look like molded old swiess cheese, My heart pumps blood and alcohol,"

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