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mani mani mani camasutra

  • Rich Man Rich Man - Marty Robbins
    "Rich man, rich man got all the good land Ain't nothin' left but bad land for the poor man Rich man's money, rich man's school Did they make the poor man, rich man's fool Rich man, rich man never have"
  • A Man Is A Man - The Who
    "You talk about crazy affairs You talk about your life as though it mattered You get attention 'cos you block the stairs Bragging about some bottles you have shattered Well I met a man who really lives He"
  • Brother Man, Brother Man - Big Daddy Kane
    "brother man, brother man uhh, a brother man, brother.. man, yeah! brother man, brother.. man, go 'head brother man, brother.. man, yeah! a brother man, brother man, uhh a brother man, brother.."
  • Little Man Big Man - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "Little man big man who came first What is the measure of our worth If there was a storm rolled in Who'd run inside Who'd go walking Little man big man what's inside It's all in the places Where we find"
  • Man Man Mr. Sandman - Wynn Stewart
    "Man man Mr Sandman for you don't do me no good You won't come around and put me to sleep like you know you schould Well my baby just stopped and left me she said I didn't treat her right And I've been"
  • Medicine Man, Medicine Man - Roy Orbison
    "I'll bring you the talon from an eagle A big black pearl from the sea I'll bring one and twenty ponies If you'll bring Wildflower to me Medicine Man,Make your magic mine Turn Wildflower to a clinging"
  • Confession From Man To Man - Uncle Outrage
    "I have a confession to make to you my brother, You are the one there is no other. I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', But you're like a dolphin. Swim to me man, as fast as you can. Yo, start"
  • Rich Man Poor Man - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "I need a bride, but the dolphins are runnin' A woman who'd cry, but the sea must provide. A child to unravel the snarled nets of lovin'; First things first when you get to the sea. A rich man eats when"
  • Dead Man, Dead Man - Bob Dylan
    "Uttering idle words from a reprobate mind Clinging to strange promises, dying on the line Never being able to separate the good from the bad Ooh, I can't stand it, I can't stand it It's making me feel"
  • Young man, old man - Black Crowes
    "It's been tough, livin roughBut you're here staySix feet under theGroundIs not as hard as it sounds okGittin' high, seein' w/ threeEyes on a rainy dayBeen dusted, busted, blown awayGittin' in yourEar,"

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