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midnay oil

  • Sins Of Omission - Midnight Oil
    "On the fringes of torso and lips Straining to hear the voice of gospel choir Pummelled plains and beaten fields Wee never broken in spirit within But I feel like wee coming around Yes, I feel like wee"
  • One Too Many Times - Midnight Oil
    "She was the golden summer wine And now she black and blue resigned He took advantage like the spider, helpless One too many times You had to go ahead and sing You had to steal that diamond ring Upon the"
  • Star Of Hope - Midnight Oil
    "Hope youe a God, your turn to pray Hope you've a God, it's your turn to pray Light on the hill so far away The light on the hill is so far away Boy, where are you now With skin so brown, get out of town Star"
  • Powderworks - Midnight Oil
    "There's a shit storm a'coming I feel it coming soon There's a time and a place And a moment in space When the fat boys call the tune There's a bubble a bouncing And it's bouncing my way There's two sticks"
  • Head Over Heels - Midnight Oil
    "I'm head over heels You know how it feels to be in love I'm head over heels Holding back the chills in love I think I like the sound we're chasing I'm giving it all and you're reciprocating I'm head over"
  • Dust - Midnight Oil
    "It's 2 am in Town Hall Station Black walls and sleeping drunks Are bad companions Ice is there Fear is there Everyone is nowhere there's too much of nothing Take me away It's 9 am in Town Hall Station Flashing"
  • Used And Abused - Midnight Oil
    "I was taken downtown for my part in the demonstration I was used and abused with the light in my eye at the station I said No no you got the wrong man No no don't pick on me again No no I'm going home"
  • In The Rain - Midnight Oil
    "Sorry I am for the hurt I caused Grieving I still do over careless words As I move freely to a place The debris I left behind comes back into my day Out of time disconnected Plagued by senses sweet"
  • Bring On The Change - Midnight Oil
    "Here comes the angel of death You may not remember her yet Concrete all over her face Child bride of the human race Until you see life in the forest Until you hear youe been abolished Forget everything"
  • Home - Midnight Oil
    "There is a place I was born It is a place Ie never seen Don even know where it is Don even know my name Where is home, where is my home? I searching far and wide It a bastard song It is the feeling that"

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