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  • Abraham's Memory - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion French Album Abraham's Memory Juste une prire avant d'obir A l'ordre des choses et de nos pres Avant de partir A last prayer before obeying To nature of things and to our fathers Before"
  • Memory Game - Android Lust
    "In the beginning There was only you I'm trying to remember Words still ringing true Just like the last time You sought to undermine You soucht control And meant gains for you alone But it's another day And"
  • Special Memory - Lea Salonga
    "(Verse 1) You will always be, a special part of me You will always be, a special memory I'll always cherish wonderfull moments you have given me You are in my heart, where ever I may be (Verse 2) All"
  • Bleeding Memory - Media Lab
    "Everyday ends up the same find another way to forget you Apathy takes a hold of me as I'm remembering why you left me Tension gets the best of me trying to overcome these memories that poison Haunting"
  • Rodney's Memory - The Toy Dolls
    "(Chorus:) RODNEY REMEMBER ME, RODNEY REMEMBER ME.... SHE HAUNTS RODNEY'S MEMORY Rodney gave Sheila a slap when she begged him not to drink "Mind yer own damn bussiness" Rodney snarled, he didn't think Now"
  • Memory War - Asian Dub Foundation
    "Written by: Das, Pandit, Savale, Tailor, Zaman Who controls the past controls the present And who controls the present controls the future The battle for the past is for the future Must be the winners"
  • Memory Lane - Nas
    "(check that shit) Aight f**k that shit, word word F**k that other shit, youknowhati'msayin? We gon' do a little somethin like this, yaknahmsayin? (is they up on this? ) Keep it on and on and on and on"
  • Memory Lane - Authority Zero
    "Restless days, sleepless nights Our own world Future pipe-dreams of making it out alive Crank up the music,live the lyrics cuz it feels so right Roll up to the party to get it started We'd all lose control 40"
  • Uncertain Memory - Gackt
    "==Romanized Japanese== kooritsuita machinami kiekake no ashioto hito wa subete hikari o ushinatteru mabuta ni yakitsuita sepia iro no omoi de mo ima wa sotto hikari no mukougawa e... kiesaru rakuen"
  • Bittersweet Memory - Anberlin
    "Do you memorize theatrical lines that seem to lead them in Play the role with the good girl heart oh the tangled web within Who was it that lead you on that made you want to hurt me so Who are you out"

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